Infrastructure and Municipal Services

Tetra Tech provides a full range of services to support viable, sustainable municipal infrastructure projects worldwide.

Tetra Tech’s integrated approach to providing municipal services blends expertise in governance, commercialization, finance, public-private partnerships, engineering, and economics to provide sustainable solutions that meet the needs of the underserved urban poor and marginalized and vulnerable groups. Our team helps establish the enabling environment that makes viable infrastructure and municipal services investments possible.

While aware of the need to use the most appropriate technology given the country’s context, Tetra Tech understands the importance of designing a solution that meets the needs of the community. Our goal is to ensure that we have access to the most underserved communities to improve their conditions. To achieve this, we work closely with local partners to ensure that economic, financial, institutional, environmental, and social parameters are properly considered and reflected in project design and implementation. This includes cost of service, operations and maintenance, and tariff structures.

Our team has supported the provision of vital services through our portfolio of projects including the Sustainable Water and Sanitation in Africa (SUWASA), Liberia Municipal Water Project (LMWP) I and II, and the Jordan Water Management Initiative.

Tetra Tech has experience managing large, integrated development programs to improve infrastructure, strengthen governance for improved service delivery, and address the needs of marginalized men, women, girls, and boys in regions around the world. Working together with local and international partners, Tetra Tech brings strong institutional capacity, on-the-ground experience, and networks across the water sector to each of our program’s technical areas.

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