Enabling the Business Environment

Tetra Tech provides expert support to improve business environments in developing and transitioning countries.

Tetra Tech has broad expertise developing and executing activities designed to enhance the business and commercial environment of our partner countries through reform of the legal systems that underpin market economies. As these transitional countries modernize, policies that promote the rule of law and good governance while reducing corruption are critical. Tetra Tech implements a rules-based economic model to directly benefit the United States as it creates jobs, enables businesses to grow without excessive government intervention, and supports local entrepreneurship, thus stabilizing fragile and post-conflict states.

Tetra Tech’s technical services to improve business environments include:

  • Building effective policy foundations for inclusive market economies
  • Reforming commercial conflict resolution processes
  • Advancing legal education in economic and commercial law
  • Establishing sound economic regulatory frameworks for procurement and contractual matters
  • Improving small and medium enterprise competitiveness
  • Fostering predictable, transparent, low-cost, and impartial contract and judgment enforcement
  • Assisting with public-private partnership formation
  • Advancing privatization and good corporate governance
  • Enhancing public awareness of market economy principles

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