Access to Justice

Tetra Tech is a global leader in improving access to justice in developing and transitioning countries.

Tetra Tech develops and implements programs to strengthen and broaden access to justice in developing and post-conflict countries. Accessible, fair, and efficient justice systems are key to effective governance and the rule of law. Without access to justice, people around the world—especially the poor and disenfranchised—are unable to realize their rights, challenge discrimination, or hold decision-makers accountable. As our partner countries improve access to justice, they become more secure and democratic.

To improve access to justice, Tetra Tech works to strengthen civil society. Through programmatic and organizational capacity building, we partner with host country non-governmental organizations to strengthen their ability to engage in institutional dialogue and reform, including providing assistance to increase citizen participation and oversight in public policy development and reform. As our partner countries strengthen the civil society sector and improve access to justice, they benefit from increased stability and investment and more robust economies.

Strengthening access to justice requires raising public awareness of legal rights and legal services, which increases citizens’ willingness to bring disputes to court. Tetra Tech works to improve how justice is delivered by strengthening court administration and case management. We also help dismantle legal, economic, psychological, and physical barriers to accessing justice, including improving legal aid, strengthening the civil society sector, and increasing access to alternative dispute resolution mechanisms.

Tetra Tech focuses on:

  • Justice service delivery
  • Legal aid effectiveness
  • Alternative dispute resolution
  • Public outreach and awareness
  • Legal information access
  • Human rights advocacy
  • Organizational capacity building
  • Civil society engagement
  • Advocacy training
  • Court and government performance improvement

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