Rule of Law

Tetra Tech provides expert support to strengthen justice systems in developing and post-conflict countries to enhance economic development, promote stability, and advance U.S. foreign policy interests.

As a global leader in rule of law, good governance, and stability services and advisory assistance, Tetra Tech provides public institutions and civil society in partner nations with the skills, knowledge, and tools they need to advance their long-term development and reform goals.

Our technical, management, and advisory services help developing and transitioning societies navigate the economic, social, and political challenges they face. Post-conflict societies need a strong focus on the rule of law, access to justice, and a properly functioning justice system to improve their nations’ stability. We help develop government and justice systems that are responsive, accessible, transparent, accountable, fair, and efficient. Our experts provide services at all stages of the project life cycle—from assessment, design, and implementation to monitoring and evaluation—to ensure real and sustainable impacts.

Tetra Tech’s team is made up of a wide range of rule of law experts including judges, prosecutors, public defenders, law enforcement officers, and justice sector managers who have extensive experience in their professional fields as well as in the international arena. We work with a network of justice, public sector, and civil society organizations that lend expertise and personnel to our projects.

Tetra Tech emphasizes sustainable development in every project. Drawing on global best practices and adapting them to local realities, we work closely with government and civil society organizations to devise and implement strategies to improve stability, security, and the rule of law. We establish team-based approaches with the full participation of counterparts and stakeholders, ensuring that benefits continue long after program completion. This in turn advances American strategic interests by fostering stability and investment.

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