Risk Financing and Insurance Program Services

Tetra Tech develops tools and solutions to advance sustainable risk financing and insurance programs to improve emergency response and disaster recovery operations around the world.

Global economic losses from disasters have reached an average of USD$250 to 300 billion per year. Disaster-related risks are quickly accumulating due to population growth, a changing climate, urbanization, and environmental degradation. Worldwide, an average of 70 percent of economic losses from natural hazards are uninsured, with uninsured losses often exceeding 90 percent in middle- and low-income countries. Tetra Tech uses cutting-edge technology to work with governments, international donors, and private sector companies around the world to support significant investments to increase coverage of risk finance and insurance adoption.

Risk financing and insurance are critical tools to help international organizations improve the effectiveness of their emergency response and disaster recovery operations—saving lives, shortening the time to recovery, and using available funds for the largest impact. Tetra Tech provides tools to assist clients with developing risk financing insurance programs for weather and climate advisories, mobile banking, agricultural and livestock supply chains, and forecast-based financing. We develop, pilot, and provide the technology and risk assessment program implementation necessary for communities to expand insurance solutions and integrate these tools for public and private sector actors.

Tetra Tech addresses the feasibility of insurance in developing countries and supports the development of overall risk management policy. We investigate insurance products best suited to local value chains, such as the feasibility of agricultural and livestock insurance in specific locations. Our team tests innovative new approaches and supports the scale up of risk finance and insurance programs.

Tetra Tech applies the latest science to model and map risks and hazards, better informing communities about the wide array of hazards they face. Our team conducts flood, cyclone, and tsunami hazard risk assessments to inform the development of building codes and land use zoning. Our assessments support the design of comprehensive risk management strategies at the national, provincial, and local levels, enabling long-term disaster risk reduction planning. Our experts are among the world’s leaders in developing forecast-based financing solutions, which use long-term weather and seasonal climate forecasts to trigger critical actions before natural disasters occur, saving lives and money.

Tetra Tech’s services in the risk finance and insurance services sector include:

  • Coastal resilience and flood insurance program development
  • Mobile technology integration and application development
  • Insurance product feasibility assessment and design
  • Integrated risk management and resilience program design
  • Insurance index design, testing, and evaluation
  • Regulatory analysis, reform, and design
  • Insurance marketing, consumer education, and consumer protection services
  • Local and regional insurance companies and actors capacity development
  • Community-based approaches to resilience, risk financing, and insurance design and implementation
  • Administration system development and product distribution support
  • Climate risk insurance policy and project development

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