Tetra Tech delivers sustainable education solutions to communities, governments, and organizations around the world to improve education systems and infrastructure, supporting countries to reduce poverty and improve economic growth.

Our experts work with local partners to strengthen and build capacity to empower communities and create lasting social and economic change, particularly for women and girls. We contribute to education improvement through new, diversified approaches, including private sector partnerships, incentive grant funding, civil society strengthening, and nongovernmental organization support.

Basic and Early Childhood Education Improvement

Tetra Tech designs and manages large basic (primary) education programs in the Asia Pacific region. Our experts focus on access and quality improvement, with a specialty in improving early literacy and numeracy in disadvantaged or remote regions. Through programs like these, Tetra Tech developed the full range of capabilities required for improving access and learning in curriculum reform, teacher development, school-based management community, school infrastructure, distribution of teaching resources, public finance management systems, human resources, and education governance.

Research, Monitoring, and Evaluation

Tetra Tech has more than 100 in-house research, monitoring, and evaluation specialists around the world, with expertise in program evaluation, psychometric and econometric analysis, and social and behavioral research. We provide our clients with experimental and impact evaluations, longitudinal studies, meta-evaluations and evaluation management, geographic information systems (GIS) mapping, and database management.

Governance and Education Management

Tetra Tech’s experience includes support for improved governance and education management. Our experts have worked successfully within national and sub-national governance dynamics of major partner countries. We have knowledge of efficient and responsive policy making, central and localized planning and resourcing, and levers and incentives for releasing local capacity, with creative solutions and central interest in scalability.

To do this, Tetra Tech contextualizes research methodologies for better program design and develops toolkits for scaling up design from successful pilots. Our approach to governance includes designing methods to identify root problems and leverage influences in the problem context. Our education teams specialize in a research-based approaches to targeting both problems and opportunities in governance.

Scholarships and Human Resource Development

Tetra Tech is the lead implementing partner for the Australian Government’s Australia Awards Scholarships, responsible for programs in Cambodia, Fiji, Indonesia, Laos, Mongolia, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Vanuatu, and Vietnam that support future generations of global leaders to drive development in their countries. We add value to scholarships by integrating short course training with capacity building for public and private sector initiatives and deliver customized, short-term training to build capacity in a dynamic and changing political and economic context.

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