Global COVID-19 Response Capabilities

Wherever our clients need us, Tetra Tech is ready to mobilize and support global COVID-19 response actions.

Crisis management requires a depth and breadth of resources to respond at scale to complex problems in every corner of the world. Tetra Tech has the global footprint, financial resources, and in-house expertise to support your immediate, medium, and long-term COVID-19 response needs.

The global COVID-19 pandemic presents unprecedented challenges for both developing and developed economies, potentially stretching every resource—physical, economic, and psychological—to the breaking point. Tetra Tech is uniquely positioned to help mitigate the myriad of issues arising from COVID-19 and it is our responsibility as members of the global community to do so.

Tetra Tech has more than 50 years of experience addressing complex challenges and improving governments, economies, and the quality of life. Our teams have a long track record of improving government’s capacity to deliver public services; strengthening economies and enhancing the quality of life in different political, economic, and social contexts; and responding to public health crises like Ebola, HIV, and the H1N1 Avian flu; and various natural disasters, including earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, floods, and cyclones.

Tetra Tech is on the front lines supporting COVID-19 pandemic response activities around the world. We are working with governments and donors to source material; construct facilities; monitor and evaluate programs; conduct communications campaigns; strengthen health ministries to respond and develop municipal emergency action plans; provide shelter and services for vulnerable populations; and support violent extremism prevention efforts in conflict-prone countries.

We operate in more than 100 countries with 450 offices and support hundreds of international donor projects. Our headquarters located in Adelaide, Australia; London, United Kingdom; and Washington, D.C., have access to hundreds of in-house multidisciplinary development experts and thousands of locally based staff. Our field offices, staffed by experienced and connected local experts, offer access to leaders and communities from Norte de Santander in Colombia to Phnom Penh, Cambodia. These experts work together to support governments and communities under duress around the world.

Tetra Tech’s international development team has the added benefit of drawing support from our emergency management and community resilience experts, who provide services across the spectrum of man-made and natural events in North America. These U.S.-based emergency management experts are available at anytime to complement our international development expertise and expand our ability to effectively respond to crises in developing countries.

While the COVID-19 pandemic is global, interventions need to reach every community at a local level. Our support is managed by nimble teams known to our clients—offering the strength of a global company with the client focus of a smaller business. This enables us to provide our clients with responses to critical events, like COVID-19, that are easily adaptable, quickly deployable, and can be performed fully in-house.

As the world addresses the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, Tetra Tech is a trusted partner with donors and stakeholders around the world. From emergency response to building back better in the recovery phase, Tetra Tech is dedicated to helping countries respond, mitigate, and recover from this crisis. We are all united during this challenging time.

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