Coastal Zone Management

Tetra Tech understands that a major challenge faced by coastal communities is determining how to most cost-effectively increase their resiliency while preparing for current and future flood risk by using sustainable solutions with multiple benefits.

We also understand how to work closely with communities to re-imagine their future in response to natural disasters and changing environmental conditions.

For more than 40 years, Tetra Tech has provided coastal and offshore services to help our clients and the communities they serve improve and protect coastal and marine resources. Coastal communities require a combination of soft- and hard-engineered solutions to adapt to the effects of climate change. Our scientists and engineers serve coastal communities through the entire project life cycle—from initial assessments and data collection efforts to the design and construction of critical infrastructure and restoration of coastal habitat.

We work closely with our government and commercial clients in coastal sectors such as ports and harbors, oil and gas, and sustainable tourism to identify climate change risks and responses. Our experience in these sectors enables us to translate climate change risk assessment results into implementable, strategic adaptation recommendations.

Our Capabilities

  • Coral reef monitoring, protection, and regeneration
  • Government fishery and coastal zone regulations development
  • Improved technologies for monitoring, enforcement, and sustainable harvests
  • Marine protected area management
  • Mangrove protection, management, and regeneration
  • Sustainable community fisheries management
  • Metocean studies to support offshore operations

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