Climate Change Services

With multisector expertise, Tetra Tech supports communities and nations around the world to adapt to and mitigate the challenges and impacts of climate change.    

Tetra Tech’s climate change services range from conducting scientific and policy assessments to performing the full suite of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and climate risk advanced data analytics to develop and implement effective adaptation and mitigation solutions. We have worked at the regional, national, municipal, and local levels to develop site-specific analyses and strategic recommendations to improve the resiliency of communities and programs.

With more than 40 years of experience, Tetra Tech is an industry leader of climate change analysis, planning and implementation. We developed first-generation climate change models, including the Global Carbon Cycling Model, and have supported flagship climate change pilot projects for several U.S. agencies, multilateral institutions, and national and state governments. Tetra Tech supports our clients in applying and streamlining the methodologies and implementing best practices from these projects.

Across our key practice areas, Tetra Tech’s international development experts identify clear technical solutions to our clients’ most complex climate change challenges.

Learn more about climate change services offered by our teams in the UK and Europe and Asia-Pacific.

Tetra Tech has industry-leading approaches and solutions that mitigate the main sources of land-based GHG emissions, including deforestation, unsustainable land management, and land degradation. We work closely with governments, the private sector, and communities to develop improved management practices, stronger institutions, and incentives to better protect, manage, and restore critical forest and land resources. Our work also covers the full spectrum of REDD+ and climate finance delivery, including social and environmental safeguards; sustainable carbon financing and payment for environmental services; multisector and low emission strategy development; and carbon monitoring, reporting, and verification.

Leveraging our Tetra Tech Delta suite of advanced data analytics and digital technologies, our international development team partners with clients to create custom and evidence-based solutions to mitigate and adapt to climate change impacts. Our experts build models based on an in-depth understanding of the fundamental nature of systems, a strong field data collection and interpretation program, and computer-aided geographic mapping and visualization tools. Our expertise in simulating and predicting how climate change will impact the behavior of physical, biological, and chemical components of natural and manmade systems provides our clients with the data they need to make informed decisions.

Tetra Tech's clients—governments, policy planners, investors, financial institutions, and bilateral and multilateral development agencies—are addressing numerous interrelated energy challenges to increase electricity access, energize economies, and generate clean energy solutions to combat climate change. We are helping them improve performance and deploy advanced technologies at power utilities, manage the transition to competitive markets, and promote public and private investment in clean energy and low-carbon solutions. Our teams also provide support to programs that promote solutions across the water-energy-agriculture nexus.

As global weather patterns and climates continue to shift, there is an increasing need to adapt farming and agricultural practices to withstand ever-changing environmental conditions. By introducing drought-resistant seeds and crops into agricultural economies experiencing water scarcity, Tetra Tech is assisting countries around the world with alternative sources of both food and revenue. Our experts are conducting climate vulnerability assessments to forecast future changing conditions in agriculture-dependent areas of the world. We also are training farmers in innovative climate-resistant crop production processes to ensure that communities are food-secure and able to adapt to changing climate conditions.

Our scientists and engineers serve coastal communities through the entire project life cycle—from initial assessments and data collection efforts to the design and construction of critical infrastructure and restoration of coastal habitat. We work closely with our government and commercial clients in coastal sectors such as ports and harbors, oil and gas, and sustainable tourism to identify climate change risks and responses. Our experience in these sectors enable us to translate climate change risk assessment results into implementable, strategic adaptation recommendations.

Tetra Tech is an industry leader in designing and implementing climate-resilient transportation, GHG mitigation, and green infrastructure solutions. We helped pioneer the concept of low-impact development during the 1990s and have continued to be industry leaders in green infrastructure implementation. Our experts have tailored green infrastructure solutions to improve water quality, increase community livability, reduce flood risk, and add long-term resiliency in all climates and environments.

Tetra Tech's expertise spans the continuum of climate resiliency—helping urban areas prepare for, withstand, and respond and adapt to climate change. We focus on ensuring the security of vulnerable and critical infrastructure and services, such as water supply, by using a comprehensive framework that recognizes system interdependencies. Our capabilities include climate finance and investment modeling, building retrofits and LEED certification; climate vulnerability assessment and options analysis; disaster risk resilience, flood management, and flood protection; emergency preparedness and response; green infrastructure; ports and harbors; wastewater collection, treatment, and reuse; and water supply and distribution systems.

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