Productivity and Food Security

Tetra Tech works to find global solutions that increase farmer productivity and reduce post-harvest losses, improving food availability and providing rural households with stable incomes.

Tetra Tech understands the complex relationships in global food systems that impact national, regional, and household food security. Our team assists donors, government, and the private sector to increase agricultural productivity, reduce post-harvest losses, and ensure the free flow of products from areas of surplus to areas of deficit.

At the farm level, Tetra Tech addresses the full spectrum of smallholder needs to transition from subsistence production to sustainability to marketable surpluses. Our technical experts partner with local farm advisory organizations to support improved production practices; promote crop diversification for increased dietary diversity and nutrition; and encourage market and climate information-based decision making in planting, input use, harvesting, and sales.

We help create member-driven, financially sustainable, and democratically governed farmer organizations for group marketing and provision of goods and services to members. We also help introduce low-cost, post-harvest handling practices and technologies to reduce agricultural losses. Our approach integrates women, youth, and vulnerable populations into all interventions and specially targets training, entrepreneurship opportunities, grant assistance, and job placement services tailored to the needs of those specific groups.

Tetra Tech also recognizes the development opportunity and challenge in linking nutrition to agricultural productivity. We implement nutrition-sensitive programming, linking extension services training to nutrition messaging through behavior change communication to raise awareness and facilitate the adoption of behaviors that lead to improved agricultural productivity, family nutrition, and health.

Given the critical role women generally play in determining household diets, as well as their widespread involvement in agricultural production, Tetra Tech’s combined extension services and nutrition interventions focus on women’s producer organizations, savings associations, and other formal and informal groups.

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