Vertical Transportation

Tetra Tech’s High Performance Buildings Group provides expertly engineered vertical transportation for a broad range of building types.

For buildings to function effectively, safe and fast vertical transportation systems—commonly known as lifts, elevators, or escalators—are critical. Our designers work closely with clients to develop the highest quality systems for some of the world’s most important and tall buildings. We coordinate with clients and their architects to ensure that all plans are thoroughly integrated during the concept design phase. We use software that is vendor-independent, allowing us to model and establish lift requirements without reference or commitment to a particular manufacturer.

We provide vertical transportation solutions tailored to the specific requirements of the building or facility. From airports and retail centers to residential towers and tall commerce buildings, our vertical transportation engineering team uses specialized software—VTAS—to ensure that all requirements are well established during the initial design phase. Our team also uses sophisticated ride and performance measurement equipment. Tetra Tech is equipped to provide accurate and practical documentation for all our projects. Our service encompasses quality control services as well as project commissioning and installation.

In providing vertical transportation solutions, Tetra Tech seeks to optimize the available space in a way that is both cost-effective and sustainable over the long term. Beyond elevators, this also includes escalators, travelators, and inclined walks.


  • System design and selection
  • Documentation and tendering
  • Construction supervision
  • Code compliance
  • Occupational health and safety surveys
  • Performance-based maintenance audits, including ride and noise quality measurements and comparisons
  • Modernization of existing, obsolete equipment
  • Condition and pre-purchase audits and reporting

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