Tetra Tech’s High Performance Buildings Group provides expert engineering services for security controls and systems, ensuring that people and assets are always kept safe.

Security of assets, people, information, equipment and reputation is crucial for all businesses. Tetra Tech’s expertise in developing detailed engineering plans for security controls and systems allows us to assist clients to ensure staff and assets are always protected.

Our security engineering services result from applying risk and threat analysis methodologies. We work with clients to help them clarify and prioritize their security requirements. We thoroughly analyze and assess perceived and actual risk using the global ISO31000 risk management process before recommending security countermeasures matched to the entity security environment and operations.

All aspects of business security should be aligned, and we work with clients so that available budgets are appropriately allocated to provide the best possible security solutions. Tetra Tech’s security experts guide and support clients to select optimal solutions to treat risk exposures. Our teams manage and coordinate projects from inception, through design and installation, and into operation. Tetra Tech’s security team is committed to ensuring solutions are provided in the most practical and efficient manner, consistent with global security best practices.

Tetra Tech has operated a specialist security group for well over two decades, providing security planning, advisory and design services for some of the highest profile organizations and projects in Asia, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and the United States. Our Australian personnel are licensed security consultants, and the team includes security zone consultants endorsed by the Australian Government Security Construction and Equipment Committee (SCEC), who are qualified to undertake security consulting work on highly secure Government projects.

Our knowledge of specific security requirements for various types of facilities enables us to provide proven security solutions that meet the needs of each client. One of our key strengths is that we listen to our clients and provide solutions unique to their needs.

Tetra Tech provides end-to-end security consulting services. This includes assessment of security threats and risks, development of strategies to mitigate identified risks, preparation of security plans, and provision of design, procurement, and project management services. Tetra Tech integrates physical and cybersecurity solutions from the base building level to practical completion and delivery.

We identify, evaluate, and prioritize security risk exposures, identifying options for mitigating those risks and developing security strategies to manage the risks to acceptable levels.

Tetra Tech provides vendor-independent advisory services for security management, protective security measures including physical and electronic security systems, Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED), and procurement and implementation processes.

We prepare project brief requirements based on security risk analysis, user needs, and business requirements.

Our security experts are experienced in strategic planning, feasibility studies, options analysis, business case development, and initial investment and life cycle costing analysis.

Tetra Tech provides design planning and management, standard document preparation, detailed design, and preparation of tender and contract documentation, including for high-security government installations.

We can conduct vendor screening and prequalification, tendering and negotiation with tenderers, and framework agreement preparation.

Our team provides project management, contract management, and quality inspections and control services.

Tetra Tech is experienced in planning and coordination, development of integrated commissioning plans, witnessing of acceptance tests, and achieving signoff of the completed installation.

Our security experts can provide a range of services to assist in the operation and management of security systems, including preparation of operation and maintenance manuals, online documentation, and maintenance and support.

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