Fire Engineering

Tetra Tech’s High Performance Buildings Group provides expert code consulting and fire engineering services, achieving our clients’ unique goals and design aspirations while maintaining safety and code compliance.

Tetra Tech’s code consulting and fire engineering experts specialize in value-added fire engineering, life safety, and code consulting services. We provide practical solutions supported by in-depth knowledge and experience.

Our focus on providing guidance, strategic advice, and solutions rooted in the principles of fire science allows our team to adapt to the ever-changing built environment. We use extensive technical knowledge to analyze and assess risk as well as understand the level of protection afforded by traditional design practices and prescriptive requirements. Using this type of elemental analysis, we develop solutions that meet the intended level of protection of applicable codes and standards, while preserving architectural or operational design intents.

Our specialist code consulting and fire engineering teams continue to grow across all our regions and have developed extensive experience and understanding of all aspects of fire and life safety associated with new and existing buildings.

These code consulting and fire engineering experts work with clients and design teams to develop market-leading strategies for life safety, performance-based building code compliance, asset protection, business continuity and financial viability, and community and the environment.

A traditional building code approach does not suit today’s buildings and infrastructure. The prescriptive requirements of legislation, building codes, and relevant authorities are rigid and conservative in nature. Our qualified code consulting and fire engineering experts are sought after in this highly specialized field because we proactively work with our clients to achieve successful results from:

  • An equivalent or better level of safety when compared to prescriptive regulations
  • A design solution tailored for each specific development or task
  • A reduction in initial capital expenditure by rationalizing fire safety systems
  • A reduction in ongoing essential services maintenance costs over the life of an asset
  • Current international knowledge and world’s best practice


  • Building and fire code consultation
  • Performance-based design
  • Due diligence and Statement of Conditions (SOC)
  • Hazardous materials analysis
  • Special inspection, testing, and commissioning
  • Accessibility
  • Fire suppression and fire alarm design

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