Epidemiology Services

Tetra Tech’s staff of well-experienced epidemiologists, industrial hygienists, toxicologists, biostatisticians, and environmental scientists apply state-of-the-science designs and methods to address occupational and environmental health issues.

Occupational and environmental epidemiology focus on studying the potential health risks of exposures to chemicals, particulates, biological and infectious disease agents, and physical factors in the workplace and general environment. Diseases of concern in occupational and environmental epidemiology can include cancer, cardiovascular, neurological, respiratory, immunological, and dermal disease, as well as injuries, reproductive, and mental health outcomes.

Tetra Tech’s core services in occupational and environmental epidemiology include:

Tetra Tech scientists apply their expertise to review epidemiologic literature and evaluate study design and limitations. We are experienced at characterizing hazards using a weight-of-the-evidence approach, or comprehensive meta-analysis (CMA). We evaluate evidence-based causation using Bradford-Hill criteria. We conduct systematic literature reviews following established guidelines such as PRISMA, STROBE, and MOOSE.

Tetra Tech’s industrial hygienists have conducted numerous exposure assessments for epidemiologic research. Our epidemiologists and health scientists design and conduct occupational and environmental studies to evaluate the health effects of community and workplace exposures, work-related disease, and injury. Our scientists collect and analyze data and communicate study findings to stakeholders.

Tetra Tech’s scientists prepare statistical analysis plans, offer data management support—including complex data linkages—and conduct statistical analyses—including linear and non-linear regression models—multilevel models for dependent data, pooled (IPD) analysis, and analyses of complex sample survey data.

Tetra Tech’s epidemiologists, industrial hygienists, and environmental scientists have the expertise to analyze potential disease clusters in the workplace, community, and environment. To confirm whether a true cluster exists and could be related to some environmental or occupational exposure, our team of scientists conduct a comprehensive epidemiological, statistical, and exposure investigation. Our staff apply state-of-the-art mapping and statistical tools to characterize the spatial patterns of disease occurrence.

Tetra Tech’s senior industrial hygienists, epidemiologists, and public health scientists are designated as consulting or testifying experts in a variety of litigation, including toxic torts, product liability, worker exposure, and personal injury. We have conducted numerous exposure assessments for epidemiologic research. Our rigorous internal quality control programs, experienced project management, and strong technical background ensure that our research methods, as well as our findings, are defensible in litigation proceedings. Our work satisfies the scrutiny of our clients, peers, regulatory agencies, and the litigation process.

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