FEMA Public Assistance Program Management

Tetra Tech provides expert support, guidance, and cutting-edge technology to communities receiving assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) Public Assistance (PA) Program.

In the aftermath of a major disaster, a community’s top priority is to protect public safety and restore critical services as quickly as possible. The FEMA PA Program provides financial relief to help communities rapidly respond to and recover from major disasters or emergencies. FEMA PA funding may be used to restore critical services, finance emergency protective measures, remove debris, repair critical infrastructure, and restore damaged property.

For decades, Tetra Tech has worked alongside state and local governments reeling from the effects of disaster. Tetra Tech’s FEMA PA experts deploy to affected communities to guide clients through every step of the FEMA PA process as dedicated and committed partners in recovery. From project initiation to closeout, we provide FEMA PA program management services to any community, regardless of location, size, or disaster type. We establish and maintain strong partnerships in the communities where we work, having assisted our clients in receiving more than $6 billion in in eligible costs under the FEMA PA Program.

Our clients can rest assured that even in the most dire disaster circumstances, our team is prepared to assist with clearing the road to recovery and maximizing financial relief under the FEMA PA Program.

Disaster recovery is a long, complex process, and navigating the nuances of the FEMA PA Program can seem daunting. Our approach is informed by more than 75 disasters we have responded to across the United States and involves creating standard operating procedures, mobilizing the right personnel, and developing the tools needed to achieve success for our clients. Our team delivers customized programs that can guide state and local governments through the entire cost tracking, reimbursement, and audit cycle. Tetra Tech applies lessons learned during execution of each program to continually enhance our approach, resulting in efficient, customized, and reliable service informed by hundreds of prior programs.

To address the challenges associated with the storage and manipulation of large data sets that are often measured in terabytes, Tetra Tech performs all data collection, analytics, management, and storage in-house, not relying on third-party services. This ensures the data is of the highest quality and minimizes data security risks when transferring data to outside sources. We have dedicated facilities and personnel for maintaining, verifying, and calibrating all the equipment we operate, including our high-performance pavement surface profiling and road radar vehicles and other mobile mapping technologies.

Tetra Tech has streamlined processes and reduced delivery times across the disaster and cost recovery pipeline by creating and deploying innovative technologies. This includes pioneering paperless data collection and management, a critical element in tracking the extensive documentation compiled throughout the grant management process. Our electronic data collection system increases efficiency by more than 20 percent compared to traditional paper-based collection. Our team continues to research and develop innovative technological applications to add value and increase efficiency for our clients.