Disaster Response Technology Solutions

Tetra Tech is Leading with Science® to provide innovative technology solutions that drive efficient and reliable disaster recovery programs.

Tetra Tech’s proprietary RecoveryTrac™ system is a scalable and fully featured disaster management application designed to address the operational challenges faced during a disaster recovery project. Using our Tetra Tech Delta technology expertise, we developed our RecoveryTrac technology suite through years of research and development to streamline data collection and documentation processes, with an emphasis on minimizing cost to our clients. The RecoveryTrac suite includes four applications to support the full disaster recovery project life cycle.

Tetra Tech’s industry leading RecoveryTrac ADMS includes an array of documentation and tracking features.

RecoveryTrac Automated Debris Management System (ADMS)

Tetra Tech’s ADMS technology is the industry’s leading debris management system and is one of only three systems validated by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. This state-of-the-art technology increases efficiency and improves the management of debris removal efforts for our clients. RecoveryTrac provides real-time data collection, customized reporting, invoice reconciliation, and project controls.

  • Implemented on hundreds of FEMA Public Assistance-eligible projects
  • Fully customizable and scalable to support all types of debris management operations
  • Real-time tracking and reporting capabilities
  • Simple and intuitive interface
Tetra Tech’s RecoveryTrac Fleet Management application utilizes advanced GPS technology to provide truck locations in real-time.

RecoveryTrac Fleet Management

Tetra Tech’s Fleet Management application uses GPS technology to provide real-time location data for debris hauler assets. This enables us to manage assets at the hardest hit locations and evenly distribute crews based on issues such as first-pass completion for debris removal, traffic patterns, and hot spots.

  • Increases project transparency
  • Uses customized geoportal technology
  • Reduces error and out-of-bounds risks
  • Includes specialized hauling map capabilities
Our RecoveryTrac Case Management system includes fully customizable reporting dashboards to meet the needs of any client.

RecoveryTrac Case Management

Tetra Tech has the most extensive disaster recovery case management system in the industry. Our RecoveryTrac Case Management application provides cloud-based data management and analytics for intake management, processing, and disbursement solutions. RecoveryTrac can rapidly deploy grant funds for individuals and businesses and provide real-time case management tracking and reporting, commodity tracing, and other data needs.

  • Mitigates risk of waste, fraud, and abuse
  • Fully customizable for large and small allocations
  • Designed specifically with federal grant program requirements in mind
  • Utilizes cloud-based data management and analytics
Our RecoveryTrac Time Management application is easy to use, and decreases adminstative costs

RecoveryTrac Time Management

Tetra Tech’s RecoveryTrac Time Management application improves accuracy and reporting processes by electronically tracking a project employee’s time, function, and location. This enables timely and accurate invoices for documentation records and federal grant funding reimbursement.

  • Eliminates need for handwritten records
  • Increases accuracy by reducing human error
  • Supports rapid budget management and cost evaluation assessments
  • Reduces administrative costs