Asset Management and Master Planning

Tetra Tech helps defense clients strategically optimize their built environment to support budget advocacy and allocate scarce resources to the right asset at the right time.

Climate change, sustainability, and resilience are global priorities for our defense clients around the world. Our clients need a mission-focused built infrastructure that minimizes environmental impact, maximizes sustainability, and achieves regulatory mandates and goals. We support our defense clients with design, asset management, and master planning solutions that meet current and future needs. We approach each project with the full planning life cycle in mind and are committed to developing comprehensive strategic portfolio investment plans.

Tetra Tech is at the forefront of innovative planning, asset optimization, and the design of resilient solutions. We listen and work with each client to create a responsive, detailed, visionary, and achievable plan for installation investments. We have a wide range of state-of-the-art data collection and analytical tools to collect, compile, review, and interpret data; analyze lifecycle costs; and define asset performance requirements. Leveraging more than 30 years of proven experience employing our Tetra Tech Delta technology solutions, we provide services for the entire asset life cycle:

Tetra Tech deploys multidisciplinary teams to complete asset inventory and condition assessments that enable our clients to analyze their performance and health. We combine assessment data with real-world data from interviews with facility and utility management personnel to analyze each facility’s or utility's historical wellness, system reliability, recent and planned repairs or replacements, and the impact of preventative maintenance programs. Our experts use condition, performance, cost, probability/consequence of failure, and risk information to inform the entire asset portfolio. We work with our clients to identify opportunities to maximize investment and create a cohesive strategy to optimize their infrastructure. Tetra Tech is a leader implementing BUILDER Sustainment Management System for facility condition assessments for the U.S. Department of Defense.

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Tetra Tech’s solution-driven methodologies help clients make decisions regarding facility health, facility requirements, and real estate-focused resource planning and allocation. We work closely with stakeholders and conduct collaborative benchmarking and define performance objectives for facility assets to improve results and lower costs. Tetra Tech generates work plans informed by our facility assessments to identify and plan required maintenance, rehabilitation, and replacement at optimal short-, medium-, and long-term periods. Our client-focused approach supports basic real property needs and optimizes preventative maintenance schedules based on resource availability, workload, and remaining service life.

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Our master planners are Leading with Science® by blending data from asset management with the art of planning to devise innovative solutions that protect and enhance installations, bases, campuses, buildings, and infrastructure. Our solutions enable clients to improve the lives of those who live and work at their facilities, while optimizing operating costs, ensuring regulatory compliance, and enhancing sustainability. We facilitate collaborative charrettes, support stakeholder investment, and deliver dynamic plans that drive investment decisions across their planning horizon.

  • Facility Requirements: Our federal planning team asks the right questions to help our clients define the needs of each project and identify useful solutions
  • Comprehensive Master Planning: We engage in-house experts from every Tetra Tech sector throughout plan development—from facilitating charrettes and presenting decision documents to sustainable infrastructure and long-range development planning.

Tetra Tech provides services that optimize energy performance, save money, and increase infrastructure resilience. Our high performance buildings expertise enables us to tailor solutions to client goals by aligning asset health and performance with energy conservation opportunities to provide the best return on investment. We have extensive experience conducting American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers investment-grade audits to optimize facility performance and reduce energy consumption. Our Australian projects include energy assessment in accordance with NABERS sustainability rating which complies with the ISO 55000 series framework. Our accredited assessors work alongside our engineers and professional bodies, such as the Australian Institute of Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, and Heating (AIRAH), to understand and implement technological and strategic developments in our clients' projects. Our resilient infrastructure expertise enables us to conduct assessments and provide recommended projects to meet client mission needs. We have experience conducting Uptime Institute Tier assessments and availability modelling for infrastructure as well as cybersecurity design and implementation for operational technologies supporting infrastructure—combined they provide a truly resilient infrastructure backbone for client facilities from the point of delivery to the base to the outlet in the wall. 

Our capital investment strategy and initial business case capabilities ensure our defense clients make decisions based on realistic assessments of project feasibility, reliable forecasting, and comprehensive cost and risk assessments. Tetra Tech’s approach is based on effective project management, robust stakeholder consultation, strong strategic focus and leadership, and transparent communication.

The initial business case is the primary planning and feasibility document that underpins major capital and infrastructure works investment by defense clients. We provide comprehensive investment appraisals, cost benchmarking, risk modeling, optimism bias, and sensitivity analysis.

We turn data into knowledge to maximize our clients' ability to manage resources, implement strategic plans, and make informed decisions efficiently. We are Leading with Science® in the innovative use of GIS, mapping, remote sensing, LiDAR, and drones. Tetra Tech builds on current standards to develop full-picture data visualizations of the assets assessed. Our teams use modern technologies to develop updated single-line computer-aided design (CAD) floor plans, update facility CAD drawings based on as-builts or construction documents, perform 3D BIM models, and create web-based GIS portfolio asset management systems.

Tetra Tech supports the U.S. Department of Defense with petroleum systems services to minimize impact to operations and optimize mission support capability. We work with our clients to deliver specialized planning, construction, and sustainment solutions that mitigate risks and maximize efficiency. Tetra Tech provides engineering and design services that incorporate in-depth requirements analysis, accurate cost estimating, and professional on- and off-site services.

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