Pre-Design Services

Tetra Tech’s pre-design services aid military clients in achieving stakeholder consensus, informing mission-critical decisions, and maximizing available resources to support operational requirements.

Our project managers are defense specialists with sound knowledge of international design standards, host-nation approval processes, master planning guidelines, and strategic business case and detailed business case preparation. We provide innovative solutions for procurement integrity (probity) management, procurement strategies, funding, stakeholder management, procurement, and delivery management.

Tetra Tech’s architects, engineers, scientists, and project managers address business and technical risk through engineering investigations, maximize operational efficiency through optimized space and land planning, and validate early decision-making through parametric cost estimating and scheduling. Our experienced specialist staff works in close cooperation with all stakeholders to achieve consensus, comply with international and host-nation design standards, satisfy government approval requirements, and drive decision-making to maintain overall mission schedule.

Tetra Tech defines the parameters for success in design and construction of military facilities and infrastructure through effective planning, programming, and field studies. Defense clients can be assured of working with a team with the right attitude and culture backed by processes that ensure a service is scalable, consistent, and reliable across multiple regions and on multiple projects.

Field Services

We specialize in developing, implementing, and interpreting field studies to identify and mitigate technical risks through the development of innovative and constructible solutions by providing:

To streamline data collection and analysis, we use the latest tools and technologies such as ground-penetrating radar, LIDAR, and mobile GIS.

Planning and Programming

We support military decision makers in planning and programming renovation and new construction of facilities and infrastructure by providing:

  • Probity management, business analysis, and strategic planning
  • Capability assessments
  • Funding and procurement strategy
  • Project initiation and business case services
  • Weapons system beddown surveys
  • Requirements development
  • Charrettes
  • Project definitization
  • Code compliance
  • Joint land-use studies
  • Functional use planning
  • Real property master planning (long-range development, area development)
  • Feasibility studies
  • Impact analysis
  • Cost estimating and scheduling
  • Project visualization