As an international leader in waste management, Tetra Tech has the skill, breadth and depth of resources, and technical talent to help clients manage their waste resources.

Tetra Tech is consistently ranked #1 in Solid Waste and #1 in Environmental Management by Engineering News-Record. Headed by industry-leading experts, our teams provide award-winning waste system planning and permitting, environmental compliance support, facility design, and daily operations support. Our expertise includes leachate management systems, air quality compliance, organics management, and renewable natural gas (RNG) systems.

Through our Waste Management blog, we share our expertise to help clients stay current on technical innovations, regulatory change, best practices, and developments and trends in waste management.

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Resident Engagement Leads to 70 Percent Diversion Rate in a British Columbia Municipality

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Waters of the United States—Where are they flowing these days?

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Solar Energy Generates Revenue from Closed Landfills

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