Tetra Tech’s International Development Services team helps developing countries achieve the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development, working to improve lives, lift communities out of poverty, and lay the foundation for global peace and prosperity.

Our team understands the crucial need in all our development work to strengthen partnerships within countries and communities; integrate environmental considerations into development strategies and planning; apply innovative technological solutions while ensuring data is open and accessible; and empower women, girls, youth, and marginalized populations. Tetra Tech’s International Development Services blog highlights the work we do for our clients and the solutions we provide to help them address complex development challenges.

Recent Posts

A community forest patrol group in Mimika District, Papua, conducts patrol activities in mangrove forests.

Indonesia’s LESTARI Project: From Village Empowerment to Landscape Conservation

Leveraging the financial resources of villages and the administrative power of provincial forest management authorities 

Rural landscape in Hoa Binh Province, Vietnam.

Weighing Approaches to Reduce Land-Use Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Increase Carbon Storage in Ecosystems

Prioritizing options for reducing greenhouse gas emissions from land use based on ProLand’s insights from local experts and lessons learned 

Blueberry producers in Kosovo are realizing the multiple benefits from using drip irrigation systems.

Innovation and Climate Risk Mitigation Protect Kosovo’s Agricultural Sector Competitiveness

Combatting climate change with sustainable solutions in Kosovo’s agriculture sector

Back from the Ashes

Back from the Ashes

Stepping up to the challenge, Madagascar’s youth are restoring forests after years of degradation

Tetra Tech supports smallholder teak woodlots in South Konawe, Indonesia.

Testing Theory: Uncovering What Makes Community Forestry Work

Packaging lessons learned from USAID ProLand’s work on community-based forestry enterprises

		Wildlife Conservation Society seized more than 300kg of illegal wildlife products in Vietnam.

COVID-19, Conservation, and Combating Wildlife Trafficking: Breaking the Silos of Conservation and Public Health

Collaborating across conservation and international development sectors to mitigate zoonotic disease transmission from wildlife to humans

Logs at the Pucallpa port, located in the Amazonian region of Ucayali.

Advancing Peru’s Sustainable Forest Management through Technology

Developing a technological system that records the full timber production chain in Peru, from origin to commercialization

Members of community dance troop and Chipata District Land facilitator, Misozi Banda celebrate land certificates.

Strengthening Wildlife Resource Governance in Zambia

Empowering women through participation quotas and leadership support to improve gender inclusion in Zambia’s Wildlife and Fisheries sector

Two men harvesting blueberries in Kosovo at the Boost Berries Blueberry Farm.

Supporting Kosovo’s Agricultural Transformation

Changing the mindset of market actors to transition Kosovo’s agriculture sector from subsistence farming to a commercially oriented system

A family using an ultra-efficient charcoal stove.

Inclusive Private Sector Engagement—A Key to Growth in Malawi’s Urban Cooking Transition

Shifting toward cleaner cooking by urban households to slow forest loss in Malawi

Artisanal diamond miners near Carnot, CAR, being interviewed by a local journalist. Photo: Benjamin Ndongo.

Addressing COVID-19 in Vulnerable Diamond and Gold Mining Communities

Mobilizing the Central African Republic mining community to combat the impacts of COVID-19 

A member of the Yamino Native Community forest governance body in Ucayali, Peru, presents during a community meeting.

Can Selling Timber Help Communities Maintain Forests?

Identifying measures to develop successful community-based forestry enterprises 

Tetra Tech supported the USAID Jordan Water Management Initiative to place the campaign slogan throughout Amman.

Social Media for Social Good: Raising Awareness of Jordan’s Water Crisis

Leveraging social media to address misconceptions of water usage and promote simple, inexpensive water conservation in Jordan

Peru is one of the world’s richest countries in natural resources, it has the second largest Amazonian forest coverage.

Advancing Prosperous Forests in Peru

Considering the key role of Peru’s natural capital and resources in environmental, social, and cultural well-being

USAID Water video showing the results of the WARIDI project

Enabling Local Management in Tanzania to Improve Water Supply

Improving governance of water systems, financial management, and operations and maintenance through public and private funding

Farmers unloading bags of grain from a truck in Kenya.

Opinion: How to Address the Impact of COVID-19 on Global Food Systems

Mobilizing the global development community to mitigate the effects of the pandemic on food and agriculture systems to protect global food security

Villager carrying mangrove wood in Gbongboma, Sierra Leone.

Saving People and Mangroves on Sierra Leone’s Coast

Combating the effects of environmental changes on Sierra’s Leone’s coastal communities through mangrove preservation

Tetra Tech supports the management of forests, enabling improved wildlife conservation in Indonesia.

Opinion: Mobilizing Domestic Funds is Crucial for Sustainable Forest Management in Indonesia

Sharing best practices and lessons learned in mobilizing domestic funding for forest conservation in Indonesia

A child receives a vaccine through the DFAT Provincial- and Local-level Governments Program implemented by Tetra Tech.

Improving Health Outcomes in Papua New Guinea

Addressing political, economic, and cultural drivers to support measurably improved health outcomes and strengthen self-sustaining health systems

Tetra Tech’s shares lessons learned while working to empower women and cultivate systemic changes in Afghanistan.

Opinion: A Long-Term Vision is Critical for Women’s Empowerment in Afghanistan

Sharing best practices and lessons learned while empowering women and cultivating systemic change in Afghanistan

Tetra Tech leads innovative marine and coastal management solutions

How Marine Debris Impedes Coastal Tourism and Economic Development

Leveraging holistic, inclusive management systems and partnerships to curtail ocean waste at every level of the supply chain

A reduction in gas flaring has the potential to be a win for the environment and economic development.

Commercializing Flare Gas to Reduce Emissions and Develop Economies

Addressing energy and environmental challenges through commercializing flare gas for productive use

 In low-income countries where urbanization is accelerating, disaster losses are proportionately higher

Building urban resilience for 'everyday disasters'

A recent trip to Nepal gives two Tetra Tech associates new insights on disaster response

A man in Côte d’Ivoire looks out on the ponds where he and his village mine for diamonds.

Reflections from the First International Gathering on Artisanal and Small-scale Mining

Evaluating PRADD II’s use of formalization in the artisanal and small-scale mining sector

Gas presents a viable alternative energy source for countries in Sub-Saharan Africa

Gas: A Tried and True Solution to Accessing Energy in Developing Countries

Making the case for gas as an economy-transforming alternative energy source

Co-author Jeannelle Blanchard with fellow project staff in Kosovo

Taking Action toward Gender Equality in the Energy Sector

Promoting gender equality has numerous benefits for business if done deliberately

Tetra Tech’s support to four privatized electricity companies in Nigeria includes training on power line maintenance t

How Far We’ve Come: Energy in Africa, 20 Years Later

Making the case for increased private sector engagement in Africa’s energy industry

Children in Africa fill up jerry cans with water

South Africa: A New Model for Transformational USAID/Water Office Support?

Helping water service providers in Cape Town, South Africa, address water scarcity issues as their reservoirs dip closer to a critically low threshold

A Zambian woman holds her legal property documents as a result of TGCC project interventions

The Role of Land Rights Documentation in Promoting Sustainable Land Use Practices

Talking with Tetra Tech’s Dr. Matt Sommerville about the Tenure and Global Climate Change Project

Young Somali girl looks out from her hut at an IDP camp.

The Role of Social Capital in Resilience for Displaced People in Urban Areas

Understanding social capital to bridge humanitarian support, urban development, and resilience among displaced people and host communities in Somalia’s cities

Tens of thousands of households in Mozambique’s capital, Maputo, receive their domestic water supplies from private vend

Leveraging Partnerships for Water Security Reducing Non-revenue Water in Uganda

Strengthening the private sector and public utilities to reduce non-revenue water and improve urban resilience

Men and women line up waiting to be interviewed

9 Tips to Better Market Yourself as an International Development Professional

Providing best practices for professionals in a competitive international development job market

The proper filtering of honey led to 50% higher earnings than prevailing market price.

Cashew Trees Abuzz in The Diamond Mining Areas of Côte d’Ivoire

Using beekeeping to increase cashew farm yields and diversify their livelihoods in diamond mining communities

Millennium Challenge Account-Indonesia CEO Bonaria Siahaan (left) and Tetra Tech’s Nilmini Rubin (right)

Engaging the Private Sector for Development Results in Indonesia

Examining how the Millennium Challenge Corporation’s wide-ranging engagement with the private sector delivers development benefits in Indonesia

Tetra Tech’s Tom Reilly speaking with a PRODES III beneficiary in San Martin, Peru

Finding Comfort in the Uncomfortable: A Senior Development Leader’s Perspective

Reflecting on lessons learned from a development career working in and out of Peru

The new portable washplant can complete a day’s worth of sorting in 15 minutes.

New Technology is Shaking Up The Diamond Mining Industry in Côte d’Ivoire

Introducing new technologies in to help increase earnings and build more sustainable livelihoods for miners

Assistant technical personnel receive instructions before departing for field assignments in San Cristóbal Acasaguastlán

Participatory Planning Produces Strategic Blueprints for Cities

Using participatory planning to efficiently deliver public services in urban municipalities

Central African Republic (CAR) President Faustin Archange Touadera congratulates members of newly formed Peace & Reconci

Building Peace in the Diamond Mining Areas of the Central African Republic

Discovering methods to reduce longstanding tensions and conflicts in diamond mining areas

MSI’s Scaling Up Framework

Scalable Solutions in Fragile States

Applying MSI’s scaling paradigm in states with low government capacity to meet pressing needs, build social capital, and address root causes of fragility

Attendees at the Balkh Women’s Forum, held in March 2017

Finding Their Voice: Leveraging Social Media To Promote Civic Engagement in Afghanistan

Strengthening local government, increasing accountability, and improving service delivery by helping citizens engage with their representatives

Establishing local and regional market linkages for nutritious crops and export linkages for cash crops

The Business of Food Security

Leveraging commercial sustainability to help bolster health; nutrition; and water, sanitation, and hygiene interventions

USAID’s ECOFISH program supported sustainable fisheries management, resulting in both more fish in project sites and mor

An Intern’s Perspective: An Ecosystem Approach to Fisheries Management in Southeast Asia

Developing Tetra Tech’s fisheries management and biodiversity conservation projects in Southeast Asia

Tetra Tech international development consultants count on our recruiters at every stage of their careers.

Should International Development Recruiters Act as Career Coaches?

Examining the role of a development recruiter in today’s interconnected world

A class from El Sunzal high school in El Salvador poses with their new robot, the result of Anna’s initiative to donate

An Intern’s Perspective: The Unexpected Rewards of Technical Work for Engineer Anna Perkinson

Engaging beneficiaries allows our clean energy specialist to see life-changing effects of her work

Young women look at their newly installed, safe, and clean bathrooms as a result of WASH funding for their community

Snapshot from Stockholm World Water Week: Tapping Capital Markets to Fund WASH Services

Discussing ways to invest in and fund safe water and sanitation in developing countries around the world

Citizens participating in a local election in Peru

Tetra Tech Celebrates International Day of Democracy

Celebrating sustainable approaches to democratic governance on the 9th annual International Day of Democracy

Members of the Zor and Gba communities identify their forest boundaries using Geographic Information System (GIS)-genera

Conservation, Community, and Commercial: Realizing the 3 C’s in Post-conflict Liberia

Using sustainable, commercial approaches to maximize the benefits of forest and mineral resources

Tetra Tech engineer Sandra Chavez (left) in a meeting with Gender Specialist Graciela Calvo

Smarter Investments: Integrating Women into the Energy Value Chain

Helping Mexico’s clean energy industry close its employee gender gap and improve performance

Tetra Tech team members supported FEMA in assessing flood damage in counties west of Houston, Texas, in 2016.

Gaming for Infrastructure

Using online games to help prepare public-private partnerships to succeed

Jeannelle Blanchard supporting a Powering Agriculture program event

An Intern’s Perspective: International Development from the Vantage of a Female Chief of Party

Discussing career growth and workplace dedication with Tetra Tech’s Jeannelle Blanchard

A presentation in a village in Liberia as part of a nationwide campaign on land rights.

Tetra Tech Helps Strengthen the Liberian Land Authority to Promote Peace and Security

Improving the capacity of critical land management institutions in Liberia

International development interns Sabrina Daley (left) and Callie Andress (right) support Tetra Tech’s Nilmini Rubin (ce

An Intern’s Perspective: Working with the Women who Make Tetra Tech’s Projects Happen

Recognizing the importance of female leadership in the engineering and international development fields

There are 800 million food insecure people in the world today

Is it Time to Rethink Humanitarian Insurance?

Providing access to insurance to help governments of poorer countries deal with more climate-related disasters

Tetra Tech’s Jeannelle Blanchard speaks at the 2017 Africa Energy Forum

Getting Off-Grid Energy to Work for Agriculture

Examining the transformational power of energy-ag off-grid solutions for small farmers in Africa

Tetra Tech’s Ignacio Rodriguez speaks at the 2017 Africa Energy Forum

The Role of Independent Regulators in Bringing Power to Africa

Building an enabling framework to increase investment, transparency, and access to electricity across Africa

Tetra Tech supports the development of affordable sources of power necessary to connect communities to the internet

Without Energy, the Internet Is Just a Black Hole

Creating energy solutions for information and communications technology

Earth Day

This Earth Day, the World is Investing in the Most Valuable Asset We Have

Recognizing the role of natural resources in the world’s economies to support conservation and sustainable management

Strength in Numbers

Strength in Numbers: How Communal Property Rights Can Strengthen Sustainable Investment

Supporting policy development and pilots that strengthen land rights to improve land and natural resource management

A woman checks her mobile device in a fishing village that received “Super-Wifi” through the Tetra Tech-supported USAID

The Digital Gender Divide

Discussing how to increase internet access for women around the world

Connect the World

Connect the World and Save Money

Including internet infrastructure when building transportation, water, and energy infrastructure

Global Goals

More How: Achieving the Global Goals at the United Nations General Assembly

Unlocking the ideas and funding to address the toughest international development challenges