Contract Expiration Date: August 14, 2021

This contract was awarded to Tetra Tech EM, Inc., a subsidiary of Tetra Tech, Inc.

Our innovative approach to providing energy management services includes taking an integrated view of energy generation, transmission, and end-uses. We focus on the behavioral and operational aspects of energy end-uses to maximize the cost, energy, and environmental benefits of energy efficiency efforts, with no adverse impact to operations or to employee safety, health, or morale. In doing so, we focus on integrating the environmental and economic aspects of energy management to apply environmentally sound, performance-based technology and management solutions to reducing energy and water usage at federal and private-sector facilities.

Services Covered Under GSA Energy Management Services Schedule

This contract supports the following Special Item Numbers (SINs):

  • SIN 871-202 Energy management planning and strategies
  • SIN 871-203 Training on energy management
  • SIN 871-204 Metering services
  • SIN 871-205 Energy program support services
  • SIN 871-206 Building commissioning services
  • SIN 871-207 Energy audit services
  • SIN 871-208 Resource efficiency management (REM)
  • SIN 871-209 Innovations in energy
  • SIN 871-210 Water conservation
  • SIN 871-299 New services: Renewable energy certificates

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Point of Contact

Linda Hunter
Program Manager
+1 (619) 321-6724