With hundreds of geotechnical engineers, soils technicians, and drillers on staff, Tetra Tech is one of the largest firms based in North America, providing geotechnical solutions worldwide. We use state-of-practice techniques and test procedures to investigate, analyze, and develop geotechnical engineering recommendations and designs for simple to complex problems relating to groundwater, soil, or rock.


  • Onshore and offshore site investigations
  • Foundation investigations and design
  • Geohydrology
  • Permafrost engineering and geothermal analysis
  • Geologic hazard identification
  • Rock cut and tunnel design
  • Avalanche and rockfall evaluations
  • Seismic hazard evaluations and earthquake engineering
  • Assessment and design of earth and rock fill dams
  • Sedimentation control studies
  • Engineering risk assessment
  • Slope stability analysis
  • Slope remediation and reclamation
  • Granular resource evaluations
  • Dewatering and seepage analysis
  • Geotechnical laboratory testing
  • Contaminated land investigation, risk assessments, remedial works design, and validation
  • Corridor route evaluations for roads, railways, and pipelines
  • Design of road, railway, and airstrip embankments
  • Soil-pipe interaction design guidance for pipelines and hydrocarbon well casings
  • Waste facilities design
  • Construction quality assurance
  • Construction material evaluations
  • Value engineering to optimize design
  • Expert witness services

Tetra Tech’s geotechnical engineering team complements specialized expertise with knowledge of local and regional regulations and conditions. Learn more about our services: