Tetra Tech offers technical leadership in environmental and engineering consulting services for energy infrastructure to serve the needs of communities and development in the circumpolar region.

Exploration and development of production and transport facilities for oil and gas is increasing throughout the circumpolar region. At the same time, decommissioning and reclamation of long-standing oil production facilities has commenced. Tetra Tech provides environmental and engineering consulting services to major commercial clients in the oil and gas sector throughout the region. Our full-lifecycle capabilities also include support for energy production from available natural resources, such as oil and gas, water, and wind.

As transportation of diesel fuel for electrical generation in remote communities becomes increasingly difficult and costly, Tetra Tech is working with local governments and aboriginal organizations to tap alternate energy sources, such as bio gas, wind, hydropower, and liquid natural gas. Our work also extends to providing design and construction services to provincial energy authorities for the expansion of major hydropower production facilities in Northern Quebec.

Examples of energy services we provide include:

  • Route assessment and selection for linear infrastructure such as pipelines and transmission lines
  • Geotechnical investigation and foundation design for offshore exploration
  • Geotechnical assessment and permafrost engineering including ground thermal analysis for pipelines, foundations, drilling pads, and other facilities
  • Feasibility studies, design, and construction services for alternate energy supply including bio gas, run-of-river hydropower, wind, and liquid natural gas
  • Pipeline design and construction
  • Construction of wind energy production facilities
  • Reclamation and remediation services for existing energy facilities
  • Design and construction for expansion of major hydropower facilities
  • Environmental impact assessment, consultation, and permitting for all stages of development and project life cycle