As a highly connected global company that is Leading with Science®, Tetra Tech embraces the diversity of thought and experience that is integral to creating innovative solutions.

Our global Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) help us attract and retain the best engineers, technical specialists, and support staff from diverse backgrounds. These voluntary ERG networks support the professional development and inclusion of employees with shared characteristics, special interests, or life experiences.

Our Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Council guides and charters our ERGs, which focus on topics including business development, mentoring and requesting feedback, prioritizing and delegating, addressing harassment, and improving business communication techniques. ERG Sponsors participate on the DEI Council with our executive leadership team to provide input on the direction of the company’s DEI programming.

Each global ERG is open to all and involves activities for both employees whose background is the focus of the ERG and other employees who are supportive of the group (also known as allies).

ERGs support our thriving, global employee community

Tetra Tech has chartered the following ERGs, and our DEI Council is working with other groups across the company that are on the path to global charter or that serve specific local needs.


ASCEND provides a platform for Pan-Asian employees and allies across the company to promote professional development, support retention, and raise cultural awareness. ASCEND stands for ASian Cohort of Employees Networking for Diversity.


As our first chartered global ERG, BELIEVE provides a forum and safe space for Black employees and an active space for allies to engage, learn, and support their Black colleagues around the world.


Our Professional Women’s Network (PWN) is our oldest, grassroots ERG and was founded by graduates of our Leadership Academy. PWN supports women at all stages of their careers.


SALUTE connects military veterans, current servicemembers, military spouses, and allies to support our employee community, give back to our local community, and support transitioning veterans.


Our Tetra Pride ERG provides a forum and safe space for our LGBTQIA+ community and allies to support all employees in bringing their authentic selves to work.


Voces is a community for Latino and Hispanic employees and allies from across our global operations. Voces means “voices” in Spanish and “you” in Portuguese, emphasizing to our employees that your voice counts.