Tetra Tech engineer, HC Liang, published “Trends in Mine Water Treatment” in Mining Magazine, March 2014. Liang's article follows how mine water discharge is treated in different mining environments, focusing on the industry's adaptation to growing regulations and decreasing discharge limits. His article highlights sulphate, selenium, arsenic, and antimony removal and the mechanisms by which their discharge is controlled in different mining environments, including the benefits and ideal conditions under which to have each of the various types of mine water treatment systems.

"There are no one-size-fits-all mine water treatment processes or technologies to remove contaminants," Liang states. “Every mine water-treatment design needs to be evaluated carefully for the particular water chemistry of the mine water to be treated..." He also covers the benefits that ettringite precipitation process offers over traditional mine water treatment facilities.

HC Liang
March 7, 2014
Mining Magazine
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