Tetra Tech engineer in training, Ian A. McKinnon, along with Michael A. Knodler, Jr., PhD, and Eleni Christofa, PhD published “Operational Analyses of Varied Toll Plaza Configurations” in The New England Chronicle, August 2014. This article examines toll plaza operations and driver decision making resulting from multiple payment options available at toll plazas.

Toll plazas are a critical component in roadway operations in the United States. These tolls provide revenue for expansion and opportunities for demand management. To maximize vehicle throughput and increase toll efficiency at major highway bottlenecks, electronic toll collections were created. Traditional cash payment methods are also accepted, giving drivers multiple payment options. The use of electronic toll collections calls for the investigation of the impact these new configurations have on the toll plazas.

Ian A. McKinnon, EIT, Michael A. Knodler, Jr., PhD, and Elen
August 4, 2014
The New England Chronicle
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