This article examines the yearlong groundwater replenishment pilot program in the Clearwater, Florida, and provides a summary of performance results and lessons learned.

The demand for affordable, safe drinking water led the City of Clearwater to investigate potable reuse through groundwater replenishment. The pilot study provided several important lessons for the full-scale design of the groundwater replenishment water purification and aquifer recharge systems.

Lessons learned included an approach to reduce disinfection byproduct formation, methods for more effective membrane filtration chemical cleans, and operational tools to monitor UV advanced oxidation performance. The article also shares important keys for success in potable reuse post-treatment, including an innovative process for chemically-stabilizing the purified water before groundwater injection.

The article was co-authored by the City of Clearwater’s Nan Bennett and Robert Fahey and Tetra Tech’s Emilie Moore and Jarrett Kinslow.

Article by Emilie Moore and Jarrett Kinslow., March 2015
March 16, 2015
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