Tetra Tech’s current diversity and inclusion efforts are focused in three primary areas: safe work environment, employment opportunities, and learning and development opportunities.

We are committed to diversity and inclusion by increasing our focus on recruiting and retaining employees from diverse backgrounds; creating additional awareness of diversity issues and benefits; fostering a more supportive environment where inclusivity is expected and prioritized; and embedding accountability for diversity throughout the organization. Here we provide some examples of Tetra Tech’s diversity-and-inclusion-focused recruitment and learning and development programs from across our operations.

Leadership Academy – Each year a core group of emerging leaders are selected to participate in a year-long program to expand their professional development skills. Led by Tetra Tech executives throughout the calendar year, modules are tailored to the company’s business model, focusing on key elements of leadership—including financial and risk management, contract terms and conditions, strategic growth plans, business development, and human resources.

Employee Resource Groups – As a highly connected global company that is Leading with Science®, Tetra Tech embraces the diversity of thought and experience that is integral to creating innovative solutions. Our global Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) help us attract and retain the best engineers, technical specialists, and support staff from diverse backgrounds. These voluntary ERG networks support the professional development and inclusion of employees with shared characteristics, special interests, or life experiences. ERGs focus on topics including business development, mentoring and requesting feedback, prioritizing and delegating, addressing harassment, and improving business communication techniques.

Our Diversity & Inclusion Council is working with employees around the world on the implementation or formation of ERGs to support Black employees, women, our LGBTQI+ employees, and other groups that support our thriving, global employee community. Each global ERG is open to all and involves activities for both employees whose background is the focus of the ERG and other employees who are supportive of the group (also known as allies).

Veterans Recruitment and Resources – Tetra Tech partners with NEOVETS to connect military families in Ohio and across the United States with placement opportunities. Tetra Tech is a NEOVETS Certified Military Talent Employer, which designates the company as a premier veteran hiring organization that provides a distinct onboarding process for veterans, access to a veteran resource group, and tailored outreach and targeted recruitment. Through this partnership, NEOVETs provides Tetra Tech employees with training on the unique transition veterans have into the civilian work force and how to best apply their skills and experience from the military.

Indigenous Peoples Partnerships and Training – Tetra Tech has a long history of working with indigenous people around the world. Our company has formed joint venture business partnerships and collaborative relationships with many indigenous groups in Canada, the United States, and Australia. Tetra Tech has established proactive guidelines and procedures regarding indigenous peoples’ inclusion, procurement, and training and is committed to contributing to indigenous peoples’ capacity development by encouraging participation, training, employment, and business opportunities arising from its projects.

Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) Program – Tetra Tech’s STEM Program was founded in 2016 to spark an interest in science and engineering for students around the world, including underrepresented communities. Tetra Tech employees volunteer their time and share their passion with students at all levels, from kindergarten to graduate school, and from all backgrounds and capabilities to learn about future STEM-related career opportunities. By supporting STEM education, Tetra Tech is helping grow the next generation of innovators and problem solvers.