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Tetra Tech Delta delivers solutions that combine science and engineering expertise with advanced analytics and technology. Our interdisciplinary teams collaborate with our clients to create customized, sustainable, and scalable solutions to address their most challenging problems.

Tetra Tech Delta Highlights

Water and leaves flow into a sewer grate represent Tetra Tech’s Csoft® Analytics platform for sewer network management

$1 billion saved

Analytics and automation platform optimizes sewer networks in real time to save more than $1 billion in wastewater program costs

Depiction of rail track assessment point cloud from Tetra Tech’s RailAI and automation system

80% cost reduction

Autonomous railcar solution with dynamic AI operates unmanned at high speeds, decreasing track inspection costs by 80%

Dashboard images represent Tetra Tech’s Auxilium chatbot that uses AI to resolve customer inquiries

75% queries resolved 

AI-powered chatbot answers text and voice commands and was trained to successfully resolve 75% of user questions autonomously

Tetra Tech Delta

At Tetra Tech, we provide value-generating solutions by combining operational expertise, science, and technology.

Our Tetra Tech Delta  encompasses advanced data analytics and digital technologies that create transformational solutions for our clients.

We partner with our clients to create customized solutions—from smart data collection and advanced analytics that support decision-making to automated intelligent processes and secure cloud solutions that modernize operations. Tetra Tech Delta solutions extend the impact of investment, optimize performance, maximize resources, and minimize asset costs.

Tetra Tech Delta represents more than 50 years of research and industry-leading, technology-driven applications that serve as the foundation for the solutions we are providing our clients today. Our high-end teams connect interdisciplinary experts from across our company’s 27,000 staff worldwide. Tetra Tech mobilizes teams that include analysts, data scientists, digital engineers, and industry experts who effectively implement value-generating and pragmatic solutions for our clients.

Unparalleled insight
Transformational solutions
The Delta 


Twinning the physical world through data, numerical models, and predictive analytics to understand outcomes and optimize decision-making

Tetra.Simulate leverages our suite of modeling systems to simulate air, land, and water systems, allowing us to predict outcomes and evaluate future scenarios rapidly and reliably. We support science-based decision-making and optimization by building an understanding of water and environment systems behavior.


Hydrodynamics and hydrology

Atmospheric, weather, and fire

Water quality and pollutants

Surface and groundwater


Numerical models

CFD modeling

Energy modeling

Machine learning

Scenario Analysis




Multi-objective optimization



Virtual reality


Interactive portals


Modernizing operations through cloud migration, data management, and custom software development

Tetra.Cloud delivers secure, cost-effective, and flexible cloud-based solutions that use our tools and technologies to rapidly scale to meet the most demanding mission-critical needs by combining industry-leading technology expertise and in-depth operational knowledge. We open new opportunities for faster, more efficient, and secure data analytics, management, and processing through Tetra.Cloud.

Cloud Computing

Cloud architecture

Cloud migration

Cloud operations

Data lakes


Cloud security

Advanced cyber defense

Identity management

Certification and accreditation

Innovation Lab

Manual processes automation

Tool and solution evaluation

Rapid prototyping

User engagement

Software Development

Agile development

Performance and security testing

Low code development

Application modernization


Partnering with our clients to deliver advanced analytics solutions to support their digital transformation and enhance operational performance

Tetra.Analytics starts with identifying the areas where AI will have the greatest benefit—large data sets, real-time data processing, and high-volume information management. Our teams of industry experts and data scientists work together using tools and technologies to design intelligent, data-driven solutions that generate insights and optimize business performance.

Artificial Intelligence

Machine learning

Symbolic learning

Computer vision

Natural language processing

Data Management

Data collection

Data lakes

Cloud migration

Visualization and dashboards

Industry 4.0


Digital twins

Smart infrastructure


Process Optimization

Energy management

Water and waste management

Workflow design

Enterprise software


Combining resilient and sustainable design with connected technologies to provide solutions for smart buildings and industrial applications

Tetra.Design augments traditional design procedures with our advanced design tools and proprietary automation to deliver smart building and asset management solutions. Our team of industry experts draws upon our deep expertise in digital design processes, including Building Information Modeling (BIM), digital twins, advanced engineering simulations, and real-time data integration for design optimization, asset optimization, and predictive analytics.


AI and machine learning

Predictive analytics

Design automation

Performance optimization

Asset Management

Indoor mapping

Digital twins

Predictive maintenance

Capital investment planning

Smart Buildings

Resilient and sustainable design

Modern and healthy workplaces

Advanced energy management

Building automation



VR and AR design-build

CFD modeling

Energy modeling


Applying geospatial solutions that integrate data collection, analytics, and smart delivery to improve decision-making throughout the project life cycle

Tetra.Maps provides integrated mapping solutions using our suite of tools for state-of-the-art data collection, airborne sensors and camera systems, enterprise mapping software, and robust information technology infrastructure. We use geospatial tools and geoanalytics to deliver real-time dashboards that support decision-making for our commercial, government, and defense clients.

Data Collection

Mobile field data collection

Remote sensing

Sensors and IoT

Autonomous platforms

Data Management

Enterprise GIS

Data lakes

Cloud migration



Image analysis

Machine learning


Predictive analytics

Data Delivery

Virtual reality

Custom portals

Interactive dashboards

Stakeholder engagement

Tetra Tech Delta Projects

Data connections over Louisville, Kentucky, represent Tetra Tech’s real-time analytics platform to manage sewer networks
Applying Analytics to Optimize and Protect Community Waterways
More Than $200 Million in Cost Savings

Tetra Tech partnered with the Louisville Metropolitan Sewer District in Kentucky to efficiently and sustainably manage sewer networks in real time using our CSoft® analytics platform. The solution uses data from real-time sensors, predictive modeling, and real-time controls (RTC) to optimize sewer network operations.

  • Weather, sensors, and models feed analytics and automation
  • More than $200 million in cost savings
  • 95% overflow reduction
  • 4-10 times lower cost than non-RTC alternatives
  • 2 billion gallons of contaminated water prevented from entering rivers
Glowing, digitized blue DNA double helixes against a black background
Supporting Global Research into COVID-19 with Cloud-based Genomic Data
3 million users daily

A U.S. federal medical research organization disseminates the most comprehensive set of genomic data to the public and research community averaging more than 3 million users daily and is one of the top 5 most visited U.S. government websites. Tetra Tech’s cloud migration team successfully completed the transition of the complex web site to the cloud enabling scalable and robust access for millions of users.

  • 3 million users daily
  • Expanded access to more than 100 petabytes of data
  • Scalable cloud infrastructure for increased demand of hundreds of millions of database records
  • FedRAMP protocols for robust cybersecurity
  • Architectural and engineering support for successful migration
Predictive analytics and energy dashboard for California State University pictured over San Luis Obispo, California
Decarbonizing University Campuses with Data-driven Planning
70% Reduction Potential in Natural Gas Consumption

The California State University’s climate action plan will require investment to decarbonize their existing utility infrastructure. Using submeter data, inverse energy modeling, and predictive analytics, Tetra Tech developed a dynamic planning tool for campuses to optimize heat recovery strategies and reduce GHG emissions.

  • Custom central utility plant scenario analysis planning tool
  • Dynamic dashboards for each of the 23 campuses
  • 70% reduction potential in natural gas consumption
  • Prioritized campuses for carbon-free heating systems
  • Supporting California’s goal to be carbon neutral by 2025
Remotely captured cropland map of Ghana from a Tetra Tech-managed program to apply machine learning to support farmers

Remotely captured cropland map of Ghana: Lyndon Estes

Enabling Crop Analytics to Increase Agricultural Production
$2 Million in Tech Investments

Tetra Tech is managing a program to develop and apply machine learning technology to support farmers in developing countries. The solution leverages satellite, weather, and local ground truth farm-level validation data. Partnering with ag-tech companies, researchers, and data sharing platforms, the program supports predictive analytics to optimize farm production and food security outcomes and seeks to enhance the agricultural data ecosystem.

  • $2 million in tech investments through the Agricultural Ground Data Acceleration Facility
  • Use of mobile and chatbot technologies to collect local data
  • Remote sensing data and machine learning tools to monitor and predict yield
  • 30 public and private sector partners
  • 30-month implementation of project Phase One, through June 2022
Point cloud data from Tetra Tech’s RailAI and automation system that modernizes rail track inspection
Improving Safety and Producing Faster Results Using RailAI®
16 Times Greater Inspection Rate

Our RailAI solution uses AI and automation to modernize rail track inspection, improving safety and efficiency. The RailAI autonomous railcar operates unmanned and provides real-time track condition data for immediate and preventative maintenance.

  • AI-powered autonomous data collection
  • Real-time processing at 70 mph survey speed
  • 24/7 fully automated track inspections
  • 5-times the functionality at 1/5 the cost per mile of manned systems
  • 16 times greater inspection rate than traditional methods
  • 50% reduction in visual inspections
Mapping of microseismic data from Tetra Tech’s real-time sensor solution that monitors stability of tailings dams
Using Sensors to Increase Safety of Tailing Dams
24/7 Real-time Monitoring

Tetra Tech implemented a real-time sensor solution to monitor the stability of tailings dams. The system provides critical information on dam integrity to support the safety of miners. The integrated system combines high resolution geotechnical measurements with Tetra Tech’s real-time analytics and information dashboards to support data-driven decision-making for safe operations.

  • More than 500 hundred geotechnical instruments
  • 90 microseismic sensors
  • 24/7 real-time monitoring
  • 168 geophones online distributed in 20 monitored structures
  • High sensitivity geophones (10-7 mm/s)
  • More than 6,000 events recorded yearly per structure
Woman in personal protective equipment with tablet in front of storm-damaged homes
Enabling Emergency Response Capabilities with Cloud Migration Services
400% Increase in Performance

Emergency management systems need to be able to scale for sudden increased demand and usage. A complex federal emergency response geospatial system encountered frequent outages and performance issues during high peak demand. Tetra Tech’s cloud migration team re-engineered the target architecture, automated the end-to-end cloud migration to Amazon Web Services (AWS), and integrated multiple disparate applications—delivering a robust, scalable solution.

  • 3-month migration and operationalization of the ecosystem into the cloud
  • Over 12 complex applications integrated
  • 400% increase in performance when interacting with geospatial services
  • 99.99% operational availability
  • Geospatial modernization through cloud computing and integration of development, security, and operations expertise
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