Our data analytics expertise is central to successful project execution across the markets we serve. We start with the right data and then use analytics to drive decisions.

Our project teams blend industry, research, and information technology (IT) expertise to improve organizational understanding, drive data-based decisions, and implement cost-effective solutions. We apply our data science and analytics expertise across various sectors—water, energy, infrastructure, transportation, aviation, resource management, and international development. Our depth of experience allows us to ask the right questions to turn information into insights that drive decision making.

Tetra Tech’s range of data services includes data needs planning, primary and secondary data collection, data management, analysis and predictive modeling, and visualization and reporting. We deliver these services with a focus on data privacy and security. We have scientists, engineers, and content experts across the globe who are able to install and maintain loggers and electronic sensors that provide real-time data used to monitor organizational operations, maintain quality control, and model processes and physical domains. Tetra Tech also has extensive capabilities to collect social science data in person, over the phone, and using the web or mobile devices. Tetra Tech data specialists work with clients to ensure results are based on accurate and representative data, and help them evaluate the potential tradeoff between the quantity and quality of information.

We use rigorous statistical techniques to identify baseline conditions, key factors that influence outcomes, trends in the data, and differences over time and among groups. Working with Tetra Tech’s technical experts, our skilled statisticians and data modelers develop mathematical representations of data to identify critical factors, recognize trends and correlations, and make predictions about the future. 

We employ various reporting and data visualization techniques to present information in a usable format, from mapping to dashboards to interactive interfaces. We ensure that information can easily be understood and disseminated. 


Expert Interviews

Martin Pleau, Process Control Expert

Martin Pleau, Process Control Expert

Controlling sewer systems in real time to improve water quality in urban areas

Bonnie Brandreth

Bonnie Brandreth, Data Analytics Expert

Collecting, analyzing, and using data to build organizational strategies, drive decision making, and optimize performance

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