Trevor Clements, Tetra Tech’s Mid Atlantic regional manager for Integrated Water Management, is part of our community of One Water experts who apply holistic approaches to help communities manage their water challenges. In this post, he discusses the One Water approach.

Tetra Tech is helping shift the water management paradigm to create a resilient water future. There are many challenges facing those managing water in the United States and around the world, and Tetra Tech embraces a One Water approach to finding more resilient solutions. As a leader in this effort, Tetra Tech is helping urban, suburban, and rural communities address this growing challenge and begin the transition to water resilience.

I appreciate partners like Tetra Tech who are committed to being changemakers in the One Water movement. Lasting change and a more sustainable water future can only be accomplished when we all work together.

Radhika Fox, CEO, U.S. Water Alliance

I recently attended the 2019 One Water Summit in Austin, Texas, which was led by the U.S. Water Alliance. Tetra Tech is a member of the alliance and has been a cosponsor of this event for several years. The summit event is a unique water industry event based on the diversity of its attendees, its format, and its annual contribution to shifting the paradigm for water management globally. This year, however, was especially significant as it marked the transition from a focus on what One Water is and why it is needed to a focus on how water management professionals can be the changemakers and disrupters for making One Water a reality.

In addition to the opportunity to network with and learn from delegations from around the United States and the world, my favorite part of the event was the morning plenary session on the final day titled, “Finding the ‘WE’ in Water.” The message was clear and concise—all of our organizations have the opportunity to shift from thinking about “my mission, my vision, and goals for my organization” to connecting our missions with broader societal and community goals. We need to initiate and support organizational approaches that support the economic, social, and environmental health of the communities in which we live and work. The success of building a more resilient water future depends on making this commitment.

On October 23, 2019, in conjunction with the Imagine a Day Without Water global campaign, which is sponsored by the Value of Water Campaign and the U.S. Water Alliance, Tetra Tech is Leading with Science® to promote innovation and shape a resilient water future. Tetra Tech has had the opportunity to assist clients that are shaping their resilient water future as well. San Antonio, Texas, is diversifying its water supply portfolio to become more resilient to droughts by desalinating brackish groundwater. Multiple agencies in California are replenishing groundwater across the state through recharge and reclamation of advanced treated wastewater. Detroit, Michigan, is using green stormwater infrastructure to provide multiple triple bottom line community benefits. Louisville, Kentucky, is using real-time control operational technology to prevent combined sewer overflows, cost-effectively benefitting the community and the environment of the customers they serve.

Bringing the expertise and experience of water industry consultants, utility executives and municipal leaders together with a vision for One Water will help to build a more resilient water future. I am proud to be part of an organization that is committed to innovation and helping lead the way.


Educating the next generation about water resilience

Tetra Tech using our STEM Program to educate the next generation about water conservation. Our employees are sharing our Imagine a Day Without Water STEM resource with their children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews, and students at local schools. Download our Imagine A Day Without Water word find and crossword puzzle.


About the Author

Trevor Clements

Trevor Clements is a regional manager for Tetra Tech in North Carolina. He is a watershed management practice leader working with public and private entities to develop and implement integrated management frameworks, incorporating sustainable and resilient practices. Trevor specializes in bringing diverse groups together to recognize common goals; assess opportunities and gaps in achieving those goals; evaluate options and build programs and capacity to implement policies, procedures, and programs. He works with stakeholders at all levels to incorporate food-energy-water nexus concepts into multidisciplinary planning and implementation projects to build stronger local communities and regions. Trevor holds a master’s degree in Water Resources from Duke University and is an adjunct lecturer for the Master of Advanced Studies in Sustainable Water Resources Program at the ETH Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich, Switzerland.