Tetra Tech is a proud mentor to its small business protégés. We have provided training in technical, managerial, business development, and financial systems to develop or enhance our protégés’ capabilities as government contractors. We have developed long-term relationships with firms that benefit our government customers, our protégés, and the Tetra Tech organization.

Winning and executing government contracts can often seem like daunting tasks to our small business protégés. They can benefit from the work we receive from the federal and commercial sectors by participating as an integral part of the Tetra Tech team through subcontracting or teaming arrangements.

We are constantly looking to enhance and expand our mentor-protégé programs and assess new potential partners who share our commitment to serving our customers. Our supplier registration process allows companies that are registering with Tetra Tech for the first time to include information critical to our protégé selection process. Additional criteria in selection of new protégés include the following:

Agency-specific Criteria

Tetra Tech’s selection process ensures that potential candidates comply with agency-specific criteria as outlined by their respective programs:

Tetra Tech Criteria

Tetra Tech has a formal evaluation process that values existing working relationships and is open and flexible in recognizing that working together can result in mutual benefit. We look for opportunities that complement Tetra Tech’s existing strengths and have compelling growth potential. Explore these opportunities by approaching your existing Tetra Tech contact or by completing our initial supplier registration process.