Bill Larson applies his more than 30 years of experience in the maritime and rail sectors to support process improvements through automation. In this video, he explains how Tetra Tech’s RailAIĀ® technology improves safety and efficiency in the rail industry by providing real-time, detailed train track data on an ongoing basis, reducing inspection labor requirements, and increasing track availability.

RailAI is an autonomous, artificial intelligence-based boxcar inspection system that analyzes the dimensions and positions of railway tracks for defects, critical issues, or other potential hazards. It is easily attached as a car to the end of a train moving at a maximum speed of 70 miles per hour for convenient use.

The RailAI system is faster, safer, and more accurate and efficient than traditional track inspection, which requires railway closure and relies on manual inspections. As a result, it saves costs and effort and increases the miles of track inspected.

RailAI is one of our Tetra Tech Delta suite of technologies focused on smart asset management.