Shilpa Shah leads Tetra Tech’s high voltage engineering practice and has more than 25 years of experience in power transmission, distribution, and generation. As the industry transitions towards renewable generation, the power grid becomes the key enabler for clean energy solutions. Tetra Tech provides global, industry-leading, clean power expertise, supporting clients in the development of wind, solar, and battery storage solutions. At first glance, understanding how power grids work can seem complicated. In this video, Shilpa explains what power grids are and how they distribute electricity to meet people’s everyday household energy needs around the world.

The location and functionality of power grids creates many complex practical and permitting issues in the transition to renewable energy. Tetra Tech’s renewable energy experts help our clients navigate energy transition and grid modernization challenges with ease.

Tetra Tech is helping power the future with renewable energy and has supported the transmission and distribution industry worldwide for decades.

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