For more than 20 years, Amy Haddad has worked to improve project outcomes through enhanced gender equality and social inclusion. She explains how technical experts and project managers can use their curiosity to challenge the status quo and create more impactful results in international development. Amy explains why project teams should ask questions like, What’s really going on here? and, Who knows more about this than I do? to help them dig deeper and uncover the different experiences and needs of people and communities they serve. Further, this curiosity also helps build Tetra Tech’s strength in diversity by encouraging our teams to collaborate with communities to co-create project activities and find solutions that work for everyone.

Amy provides examples of Tetra Tech projects, like the USAID Engendering Industries program, which focuses on increasing gender equality and women’s opportunities in traditionally male-dominated sectors like energy and water across Latin America, Asia, and Africa. Across Tetra Tech, we have more than 70 gender and inclusion experts with a diverse range of backgrounds and skills, all working together to enhance the international development services we provide worldwide.

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