Tetra Tech is pleased to support the officials who determine the future direction of Los Angeles’ sustainability and water management practices, and who joined us at the TreePeople gala to celebrate our work to create a greener region. From left to right: Tetra Tech’s Scott Dellinger, Ira Artz, Jason Wright, and Dr. Leslie Shoemaker; Gary Hildebrand, Los Angeles County Department of Public Works; Dr. Youn Sim, Los Angeles County Department of Public Works; and Wing Tam, City of Los Angeles, Bureau of Sanitation.

Tetra Tech received the Evergreen Award from Southern California nonprofit TreePeople for providing vital tools and resources to create a sustainable future for Los Angeles. TreePeople presented the award as part of their annual gala in September 2013.

Tetra Tech is working in partnership with TreePeople to find the most effective means of addressing Southern California’s environmental and water challenges. We are working with local communities to develop programs that will help reduce the region’s dependence on imported water.

Tetra Tech’s experts are sharing expertise gained from our long history of developing sustainable infrastructure and integrated water management solutions. Our early innovations helped influence the science of urban watershed management, shaping community-based programs that are now gaining momentum in Los Angeles.

“From Tetra Tech’s perspective TreePeople is an excellent partner,” says Leslie Shoemaker, Tetra Tech’s chief sustainability officer. “We share their vision for sustainable cities—of a greener and more sustainable Los Angeles—and look forward to extending the science to help bring this vision to reality.”

Tetra Tech is working with TreePeople on regional planning studies that address how to use water efficiently across the Southern California region—providing the science to support the organization’s programs and volunteer actions. The work of our modelers and analysts will strengthen TreePeople’s future sustainable cities programs and regional collaboration efforts.

Tetra Tech will bring more than three decades of experience in sustainable urban infrastructure and water management to support TreePeople’s efforts. Tetra Tech was a forerunner in developing stormwater management practices that worked in concert with urban green spaces. Since the 1980s, we have worked on projects to improve the vitality, water quality, and habitat value, and to reduce the flood risk for the Los Angeles River, including development of the LA River Revitalization Master Plan.

We supported the early growth of low impact development strategies. Tetra Tech helped bring rain gardens and infiltration techniques to the streets of Prince George’s County in the Washington, D.C., metro area in the 1990s. We continued this early work in green infrastructure by working with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to create a national guidance document and watershed management framework. Over the past two decades, Tetra Tech’s engineers have worked with EPA and local governments to develop regional modeling tools that help plan, evaluate, and develop the most cost-effective solutions for water management. We used these tools to assist Los Angeles County in managing its stormwater and improving water quality.

We look forward to continuing our work in improving urban sustainability by collaborating with TreePeople to create a greener, more resilient Southern California region. We are proud to support these efforts in the area where our company has been based for nearly 50 years.