TotalDECOM released its Cross-Industry Learnings report in June 2020, sponsored by Tetra Tech. It offers a thorough look at the cost reductions and innovations made in decommissioning across sectors, including oil and gas, energy, and nuclear, that increase productivity and deliver economic growth.

The report collates learnings from various workshops held over the past year as part of the cross-industry initiative led by the UK Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA), Oil and Gas Authority, National Nuclear Laboratory, and the Environment Agency. It covers topics from technical innovation to late-life asset management, and more.

It has been a privilege for our team at Tetra Tech to work collaboratively with a myriad of stakeholders, including government agencies, suppliers, operators, and academia, all of whom have engaged in and continue to share best practices. We are particularly proud of our long-standing partnerships with key players like Sellafield Ltd and the NDA on decommissioning projects led by intense knowledge sharing. To that end, we recently supported our energy expert, Simon Sjenitzer, to share his expertise with the NDA.

The report provides decommissioning industry stakeholders with a thorough look at how healthy collaboration can improve policies and processes for the betterment of project outcomes and societal impact.