Even as a child, Tetra Tech’s Deena Garland knew that engineering was in her future. Today she uses her degrees in civil and environmental engineering to provide access to clean, reliable sources of water.

Woman Engineer  highlighted Deena’s passion for engineering as a tool for change in the “Safeguarding the Future” section of its Winter 2016/2017 issue. The article discusses Deena’s “ongoing dedication to education, outreach, and fundraising efforts to raise awareness about the global water crisis.”

At Tetra Tech, Deena designs water and wastewater treatment systems to help municipalities and industrial customers address the need for sustainable infrastructure to keep pace with growing demand. Deena enjoys the challenges of finding innovative solutions that are also cost-effective for her clients.

Her dedication to ensuring all people have access to clean water extends to her off-hours as a volunteer for Engineers Without Borders (EWB). Deena first learned about Tetra Tech at an EWB-USA conference. She told Woman Engineer  that after hearing of Tetra Tech’s long-term support for EWB, “I instantly knew Tetra Tech’s values aligned with mine, and that it was a place where the work I would do would help improve people’s lives.”

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