Each May, employees from across Tetra Tech tune up their bikes and hit the road as part of Tetra Tech’s Annual Bike to Work Week (BTWW) Challenge. In 2016, 271 employees from 27 teams from 3 countries and 50 cites competed, with some teams representing multiple cities. Our cyclists commuted 19,633.6 kilometers during the competition. They saved 3,708 liters (or 610 gallons) of gas and reduced their CO2e emissions by 5.4 metric tons.

We are very proud of all of our participants—from long-distance cyclists to employees who had never previously commuted to work by bike. Our dedicated group of team captains kept everyone excited and made sure the competition was fun. We also want to recognize the group of motivated employees who participated as individual riders when their offices did not have enough riders to form a team.

Our Annual BTWW Challenge was started by dedicated cyclists from offices in the Vancouver and Seattle areas. They took their office rivalry to the broader company and challenged other employees to keep up with their pace. We think they have!

Until next year—stay safe and keep riding!