On Sunday, October 2, 2016, the people of Colombia voted down the peace deal between the government of Colombia and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) after a long and often contentious peace negotiation. Tetra Tech continues to support Colombia’s peace-building efforts through programs that are helping strengthen the country and bring necessary reforms to its institutions.

For the past 15 years, Tetra Tech has supported Colombia on its journey towards peace through U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) programs that are helping strengthen the country by:

  • Increasing land access for rural families
  • Bringing displaced victims of conflict back to their land
  • Reducing ilicit crop production
  • Strengthening agricultural value chains
  • Increasing crop sales and exportation
  • Increasing forest and biodiversity conservation
  • Designing effective public policies
  • Creating new jobs
  • Building infrastructure, like roads, schools, and health-clinics
  • Protecting human rights, particularly for women, Afro-descendants, and indigenous people

Tetra Tech is ready to build on this portfolio of work to support rural communities and smallholder farmers affected by conflict to enter the Colombian and global economies.

Tetra Tech’s work in Colombia has resulted in successful outcomes across our program areas:

  • 15 years of Tetra Tech experience in Colombia
  • $638 million worth of USAID contracts implemented by Tetra Tech since 2000
  • $975 million of private and public dollars leveraged using $240 million dollars of USAID-funding across three Tetra Tech programs—a four-fold return on USAID’s investment
  • 2,094,825 hectares of land free of illicit crops thanks to the interventions of three Tetra Tech–implemented programs
  • 254,716 hectares of land planted with cocoa, coffee, rubber, and other licit crops by two Tetra Tech programs
  • 330,230 jobs created since 2005 by three Tetra Tech–implemented programs
  • 480,000 citizens were able to access credit totaling over 1.8 billion pesos through one Tetra Tech–implemented program
  • $130 million of cocoa, coffee, fruit, and vegetables sold and exported from coca-producing areas previously controlled by armed groups under one Tetra Tech–implemented program
  • 988 kilometers of tertiary roads built by the CELI project, reducing transport cost and time by 30%

Learn more about Tetra Tech–implemented programs in Colombia: