Tetra Tech recently welcomed our 2020 class to the Leadership Academy, our annual professional development program. Thirty project managers from across Australia, Canada, the United Kingdom, and the United States are engaged in year-long training to expand their understanding of Tetra Tech’s global operations and hone their operational, financial, and interpersonal skills.

The COVID-19 pandemic may have prevented us from meeting in person, but it did not stop us from launching our first module as planned. Participants spent hours together on virtual platforms discussing key hiring strategies, understanding how to give and receive effective feedback, reviewing case studies, and developing group presentations that were delivered to senior leadership.

“The sessions in Module 1 demonstrated how we should be approaching leadership within our work,” says one participant. “Having strong communication skills is a core leadership function, and the benefits of understanding and working with your teams helps you get results.”

Participants interact closely with in-house experts, who ensure the content is tailored to Tetra Tech’s business. Senior leaders from across Tetra Tech’s operations and corporate offices provided lectures, hands-on exercises, and role-playing activities to reinforce the concepts presented.

The Leadership Academy is a cornerstone of Tetra Tech’s platform of Leading with Science®; to provide its clients with industry-leading services. As participants expand their Tetra Tech networks, they can offer their clients additional expertise and local market knowledge, backed by the support and power of a 20,000-person company.