Around the world, we are facing a looming water crisis, pushing developers, builders, and engineers to develop innovative means of addressing water shortages. Now is the time to apply water recycling approaches to address complex water challenges. The convergence of technological advancements, data availability and utilization, and public prioritization of water infrastructure is happening at a time when we need it most. As both water risks and the demand for solutions escalate, emerging tools are becoming simultaneously more powerful and affordable.

On September 12, 2019, Tetra Tech sponsored an Engineering News-Record (ENR) webinar focused on how to develop water reuse strategies in building and engineering. “Sustainable & Resilient Communities – Optimizing Water Resources through Recycling” focusing on treating and reusing wastewater to reduce dependence on fresh water sources. This webinar provided information for professionals in our industry to help communities increase drought resilience, water resources capacity, water quality, and efficiency.

Speakers on this webinar discussed:

  • What options are available for reuse in buildings, communities, and cities
  • How to determine the most cost-effective means of water reuse
  • How to determine the feasibility of delivering non-potable, indirect potable, or direct potable water reuse projects
  • What are the common challenges to implementing reclaimed water systems

View the Tetra Tech-sponsored ENR webinar “Sustainable & Resilient Communities – Optimizing Water Resources through Recycling” to discover diverse approaches for integrating water recycling for a sustainable water future.

Tetra Tech has been ranked #1 in Water by ENR for 16 years in a row. Learn how we are Leading with Science® throughout the water cycle, including our work on innovative water reuse projects.