On June 1, 2010, Tetra Tech launched its first Safety Month campaign to promote an annual focused safety message as part of the company’s strong safety culture. Our Health & Safety leaders teamed up with the U.S. National Safety Council to provide our employees with access to various safety tools and resources, and Tetra Tech’s Safety Month was born. The first Safety Month theme was “Make a Difference, One Act at a Time.” We encouraged our staff to share their stories and actions on ways to stay safe at home, at work, and on the roads.

Ten years later, the need for an annual focused safety message is just as important as we continue to take small actions that make a big difference. As we have grown from 11,000 employees to 20,000 global staff, we are proud to see that we have grown Safer and Stronger Together.

The unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic presents new challenges to our safety efforts and requires us to navigate our Health & Safety procedures in new ways. While our program has always supported the various types of work we perform, the rapid adjustments to our Health & Safety processes over the last few months have touched each of our 20,000 employees.

Throughout June, we will highlight how we are Safer and Stronger Together during this time through our Health & Safety program focus on emergency preparedness, safe driving, and Focus 4 Injury Prevention. We also will highlight how each of us can continue to make a big difference one step at a time. Our 2020 Safer and Stronger Together campaign will focus on the following topics:

Tetra Tech’s commitment to safety is reflected in the company’s safety achievements. In 2019 our enterprise-wide Total Recordable Incident Rate outperformed industry peers by 43 percent, and our enterprise-wide Lost Work Day Incident Rate outperformed industry peers by 45 percent. Additionally, 34 Tetra Tech operating units qualified to receive the U.S. National Safety Council Perfect Record Award for 12 consecutive months without a Lost Workday Injury.

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