To celebrate International Women in Engineering Day (INWED) 2019 on June 23rd, we are highlighting Tetra Tech’s female engineers from across our global operations until the end of June. We hope to raise the profiles of our extraordinary female engineers and encourage those who aspire to become engineers. Together, we can transform the future of engineering.

Tetra Tech is committed to diversity and inclusion and promotes gender equality and women’s empowerment. We invited our female engineers of all backgrounds and stages of their careers to share with us their journey as an engineer and their experiences at Tetra Tech. By leading with the stories of women in engineering at Tetra Tech, we continue to foster a supportive environment where inclusivity is expected and prioritized.

Follow our #INWED2019 and #WomenInSTEM campaigns to learn more about how our female engineers are Leading with Science® to create innovative solutions to our clients’ most difficult challenges.

#INWED19: Celebrating our Women Innovators

#INWED19 Employee Highlight-Jacquelyn Brody, Project Manager

#INWED19: Jacquelyn Brody, Project Manager

Seeking out women professors, engineers, and mentors for support and encouragement

#INWED19 Employee Highlight-Dr. Najoua Jouini, Principal Consultant

#INWED19: Dr. Najoua Jouini, Principal Consultant

Working toward a more sustainable world through challenging and diverse projects

#INWED19 Employee Highlight-Araí Monteforte, Energy Sector Manager

#INWED19: Araí Monteforte, Energy Sector Manager

Concentrating on work, drive, purpose, and persistence in STEM careers

#INWED19 Employee Highlight-Anna Nguyen, Environmental Engineer

#INWED19: Anna Nguyen, Environmental Engineer

Encouraging students and young staff to take advantage of opportunities in engineering

#INWED19 Employee Highlight-Dr. Amy L. Hudson, Hydrogeologist and Geochemist

#INWED19: Dr. Amy L. Hudson, Hydrogeologist and Geochemist

Encouraging women to have confidence in themselves and their abilities to become successful engineers

#INWED2019 Employee Highlight-Nataly Hernandez, Geosynthetic Estimator

#INWED19: Nataly Hernandez, Geosynthetic Estimator

Transforming school and work experiences into career development opportunities

#INWED19 Employee Highlight-Ana Lúcia Soares de Souza, Civil Engineer Trainee

#INWED19: Ana Lúcia Soares de Souza, Civil Engineer Trainee

Finding success and fulfillment in a career in STEM

#INWED2019 Employee Highlight-Cat Childers, Fire Protection Engineer

#WomenInSTEM: Cat Childers, Fire Protection Engineer

Inspiring female engineers to ask questions to learn and grow

#INWED2019 Employee Highlight-Lucy Stevenson, Sustainability Consultant

#WomenInSTEM: Lucy Stevenson, Sustainability Consultant

Creating a pathway to success for girls and women in STEM

#INWED2019 Employee Highlight-Maureen Harris, Water Resources Engineer

#INWED19: Maureen Harris, Water Resources Engineer

Recognizing from the strengths women bring to engineering fields

#INWED19 Employee Highlight-Prentiss A. Shaw, Vice President

#WomenInSTEM: Prentiss A. Shaw, Vice President

Advising female students and young engineers to put themselves in situations to learn and grow

#INWED19 Employee Highlight-Diane MacMillan, Chemical Engineer

#INWED19: Diane MacMillan, Chemical Engineer

Transforming the future of engineering by highlighting female role models

#INWED19 Employee Highlight-Roxanne Clarke, Remediation Engineer

#INWED19: Roxanne Clarke, Remediation Engineer

Fulfilling a childhood dream of improving the environment through a career in STEM

#INWED19 Employee Highlight-Shannon Brattebo, Environmental Engineer

#INWED19: Shannon Brattebo, Environmental Engineer

Understanding the importance of mentors and teamwork to create successful engineers

#INWED19: Julie Carrier, Municipal and Water Engineer

#INWED19: Julie Carrier, Municipal and Water Engineer

Shaping the world of tomorrow through engineering

#INWED19 Employee Highlight-Raina Dwivedi, Water Resources Engineer

#INWED19: Raina Dwivedi, Water Resources Engineer

Addressing new and emerging issues and solutions in engineering

#INWED19: Alice Chaplin, Civil Engineer

#WomenInSTEM: Alice Chaplin, Civil Engineer

Helping aspiring engineers develop passion for their field

#INWED19: Jacqueline Simonis, Project Manager

#INWED19: Jacqueline Simonis, Project Manager

Embracing teamwork to improve international health services

#INWED2019 Employee Highlight-Hannah George, Engineer, Information Communications and Technology.

#WomenInSTEM: Hannah George, Engineer, Information Communications and Technology

Forging a path in engineering by being authentic and true to yourself