The City of Los Angeles recognized Tetra Tech for its work on the civil engineering design of the Albion Riverside Park in Los Angeles, California. The City presented Tetra Tech’s project team with a certificate of recognition as part of the ribbon cutting ceremony for the park in March 2019. Tetra Tech’s work included pre-design, civil engineering design, and construction support services for the project.

The design of Albion Riverside Park transformed a former dairy warehouse and distribution center into a sustainable and resilient park. The City developed the location into a riverfront park to improve water quality of stormwater prior to releasing it into the Los Angeles River. Tetra Tech designed the multi-benefit project to provide a unique recreational space for the local community that also incorporates low impact development (LID), green infrastructure, and best management practices (BMP) for long-term sustainability.

Tetra Tech’s implementation of LID, green infrastructure, and BMP enables the park to collect, treat, and infiltrate stormwater using bioretention facilities, bioswales, and previous pavement infiltration areas.

The park’s design allows the water quality improvement to happen underground, while much more happens above ground. The development of Albion Riverside Park provides a wide variety of community benefits including recreational amenities such as a children’s play area, picnic area, parking lot, plaza, multipurpose athletic fields, walking paths, and adult fitness zones. The park also is designed to support outreach events and educational activities. The park improves access and enhances the LA River corridor and is another project associated with the Los Angeles River Revitalization Plan.