Tetra Tech is proud to support Engineers Without Borders USA (EWB-USA) and Engineers Without Borders Canada (EWB Canada) in helping communities in developing countries sustainably meet their basic human needs through lasting, scalable projects and technologies. In addition to achieving its international development goals, the EWB movement promotes global awareness within the engineering profession. Tetra Tech has a long history of corporate support for both organizations, including financial sponsorship and leadership involvement.

Support for Engineers Without Borders USA

In addition to corporate sponsorship, Tetra Tech sponsors individual EWB-USA projects through our grant program and management fundraising efforts.

Tetra Tech’s EWB-USA Grant Program supports chapter projects with which Tetra Tech employees are involved. Annual grants directly support in-country project implementation. Through this program, Tetra Tech supports communities in need with sustainable water and energy solutions, provides our associates with opportunities to apply their skills in support of these communities, and mentors the next generation of engineers through involvement with student chapters.

Recent Engineers Without Borders USA grant-sponsored projects include:

  • Water access, Miramar, Dominican Republic: New water supply system, including ferrocement tank, pump and housing, controls, and distribution system piping
  • Water supply improvements, Corail Lamothe, Haiti: New and refurbished catchment and collection system, slow sand filters, and community training
  • Water distribution system, Barrio Lempira, Honduras: Replicable design for water distribution system will be shared with surrounding communities and includes above ground storage, pump, distribution lines, and chlorine treatment
  • Sustainable development at Mungere Secondary School, Losirwa Village, Tanzania: Design and construction of the school’s water supply system, sanitation facilities, and a renewable energy system
  • Energy and water improvements, Ddegeya, Uganda: Alternative water and power sources, including water harvesting technologies and an agricultural waste-to-energy project (both currently in pilot phase)
  • Rainwater harvesting at Gayaza Medical Clinic, Uganda: Rainwater harvesting system and sanitation improvements include installing rain gutters, first flush system, water storage tank, filtration system, and plumbing to provide potable and non-potable water

At Tetra Tech’s annual managers’ meeting, mid- and upper-level management contributes funds to supports EWB-USA projects with which Tetra Tech employees are involved. Below is the video update report from one sponsored project.

Support for Engineers Without Borders Canada

Tetra Tech Partners EWB

In addition to corporate sponsorship, Tetra Tech supports EWB Canada through the local chapter involvement of our employees, leadership involvement at national level, and fundraising for EWB campaigns.

Our cross-Canada coordinating committee raises funds and provides technical support for EWB Canada. In 2012, Team Tetra Tech raised $20,000 for the EWB Canada Draft, a national fundraising campaign that pitted large engineering firms in friendly competition.