Tetra Tech is committed to being Safe by Choice

Living our commitment during Safety Month and year round

As part of Tetra Tech’s ongoing commitment to safety, we provide ongoing trainings, employee education through our FOCUS 4 Injury Prevention Program (FOCUS 4), and recognize Safety Month each June. Safety Month provides an opportunity for Tetra Tech associates around the world to pause and reaffirm our commitment to health and safety. We educate and engage our staff with weekly articles, safety resources, and challenges to ensure everyone returns home in the same condition in which they arrived at work. Together, we are Safe by Choice.

Our 2019 focus areas included hazard recognition; slips, trips, and falls; distracted driving; and defensive driving. In addition to providing employees with safety resources, we publish weekly Safety Month updates on Tetra Tech’s social media profiles—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn. Our Safety Month posts had nearly 344,000 impressions (times they appeared in users’ social media feeds), and nearly 40,000 users engaged with them.

We also reinforced our FOCUS 4 Program, which highlights the most frequent types of safety incidents our employees face at Tetra Tech. Team members around the world showed how they are Safe by Choice by submitting photos and safety observations using our TOTAL Incident Management tool.

Health & Safety representatives across the company received weekly updates and campaign resources to share with their teams. As they spread the word about this campaign, we saw increasing engagement with Safety Month online and in our offices, including the following activities:

  • Safety Month Lunch'n’ Learn presentations
  • Internal team photo contests
  • Fire department presentations on fire extinguishers and safe ladder use
  • Safety Month themes included in weekly and monthly staff meetings

Together, we strengthened our safety culture throughout Tetra Tech’s operations. We thank our employees for renewing their commitment to safety—whether they participated by logging a safety observation, hosting an office event, liking a #SafeByChoice post on social media, or reading an article online. We encourage all employees to continue practicing these safety measures every day throughout the year.