At Tetra Tech, our people are our strength. Their passion and expertise enable Tetra Tech to provide the best solutions for clients around the world.

This is particularly true in development work. To do this work well requires a unique level of passion for the global community and the expertise to provide integrated, sustainable solutions for those we serve.

Our yearlong #TtInspires campaign will showcase international development employees in our home offices in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia, as well as on our projects around the world.

#TtInspires will provide insight into what drives our employees and the shared values that enable us to maintain strong teams across our sectors. At Tetra Tech, we value diversity and inclusion and know that diverse perspectives strengthen our work. We recognize the leading role that women play in the success of development work and are proud to have female leaders and specialists contributing throughout our sectors. We appreciate the role that our staff’s families play in our work, providing the support system necessary for them to go above and beyond in their work every day. We work to retain employees whose values align with ours and whose expertise and experience help us deliver the best solutions for each project.

The #TtInspires campaign will run across several platforms, and all employee stories from around the world will be housed on the #TtInspires Medium site. Videos will be shared on YouTube, highlighting our staff who harness their genuine passion for development and apply their technical expertise on our projects. Stay up to date with the latest #TtInspires stories by following @tetratechintdev on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Check out the first of many video stories, featuring Leif Kindberg, an associate in our Environment sector.

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