Tetra Tech’s work to help clean the Anacostia River in Washington, D.C., was mentioned in a video and article in The Washington Post. In the video, Doug Siglin, executive director of the Anacostia River Initiative, referred to Tetra Tech as “one of the great engineering firms in the world.” Our work on this project will provide the data to determine remedial action needs and hopefully lead to a clean, safe Anacostia River. 

Read the article and watch the video here

The District Department of Energy & Environment (DOEE) contracted Tetra Tech to perform a remedial investigation, feasibility study, and natural resource damage assessment (NRDA) on the approximately nine-mile tidal portion of the Anacostia River. The study area also includes the Washington Channel, which is an approximately 1.5-mile channel extending northward from the mouth of the Anacostia River at its confluence with the Potomac River. 

As part of these activities, Tetra Tech is collecting surface sediment, subsurface sediment, surface sediment pore water, benthic invertebrate, surface water, and fish tissue samples to characterize the extent of contamination within the tidal Anacostia River and Washington Channel.

The results of the remedial investigation and feasibility study will be used to develop a remedial action record of decision by 2018. Throughout the investigative phase and any future remedial cleanup phase, Tetra Tech is also supporting DOEE's community outreach efforts to promote mutual communication between the public, stakeholders, and parties potentially responsible for the pollution.