October is Cybersecurity Awareness Month, and Tetra Tech is proud to be a cybersecurity champion.

The cybersecurity and digital privacy of our employees and clients are vital to our operations. We invite you to #BeCyberSmart today and every day by joining us throughout October as we share how our experts are Leading with Science® in cybersecurity on projects around the world.

Keeping projects and communities secure

Tetra Tech aims to provide the best data-driven solutions to our clients. Our cybersecurity experts know how to secure this valuable data and to proactively identify, assess, and mitigate potential threats. Our experts are involved throughout the project life cycle to ensure that security is integrated into the requirements, design, and architecture of complex solutions. This has enabled us to deliver secure, mission-critical results to clients globally, from advanced public health monitoring in the water sector, to artificial intelligence and cloud-based modernization in the defense sector, and improved security design in high performance buildings.

#BeCyberSmart at work and at home

No one is immune to being targeted by cybercriminals. With many people continuing to work remotely, cybercriminals have increased email and spear phishing attacks. In addition to highlighting our cybersecurity services, we will share useful resources that can help keep you, employees, and clients, safe year-round. Tetra Tech’s goal is to ensure our 21,000 associates around the world are following cybersecurity best practices while delivering our high-end services to our clients.

Look for our posts on social media—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn—throughout October as we highlight resources and our work in cybersecurity. Check out these region-specific resources to help you #BeCyberSmart: